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Posted on Jan 16th 2008 at 12:22:44 AM by (Ando)
Posted under Xbox 360, Idiocy

First blog post. Woot? This is something that didn't seem important enough to make a full topic about, but I still want to publicly yell at myself.

My 360 recently got the RRoD. I got the box to send it back to Microsoft, packed it all up, good times, blahblahblah. I then realized I didn't include the paper with my Support Number on it. D:< I'm not sure how that's going to affect my sending in of the console, 'cause I can't just rip the rly sticky tape off and put it back on. I'm waiting for a response back from Microsoft. Meh. Worst case scenario I have to wait another week for a new box. Blargh.

Moral of the story: The Red Rings suck. Or is it double-check your packages? I don't know.

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