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Posted on May 22nd 2011 at 12:02:46 AM by (NeoMagicWarrior)
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Happy Rapture Day! All you remaining sinners can read about how my day went. (mandatory punishment for anyone who didn't directly ascend to heaven today.)

Today, stuck at home with my little 3 year old brother, I decided to finally beat Kung Fu for NES. I've been trying to do this for a while now, and it seems that I always get pulled away (read: girlfriend bought me New Vegas, and lil bro wants to play RC Pro Am all day). That isn't to belittle the difficulty...Kung Fu is a pain. Not hard, but a pain.

The fire-breathing dragons suck, the bugs are a pain, and THE FREAKING MAGICIAN who you can only CROUCH PUNCH! Who am I? Johnny Cage?! Why is punching this guy in the balls the only way to kill him? and Why does his head poof away when you hit him!

this guy = jerk

even more confusing is the main character's name. WHAT JAPPANEESE KUNG FU MASTER IS NAMED THOMAS! Trains are named Thomas!

I doubt his name is Thomas. Go ahead...ask him. I'll call the hospital in the meantime.

Ok enough ranting for now. I've gotta get ready to loot the homes of those who ascended into another world...they won't need their fancy blu-ray player anymore!

Till next time, try not to be eaten alive by a rabid wolverine.

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The hero in the game is really Jackie Chan. The Famicom version of this game is called Spartan X, which was a Jackie Chan flick, where he played the character of Thomas. You can learn a little more about the movie (which helps a little with the plot of the game, but not that much) from Wikipedia:

Happy Apocalypse!
Wow. did not know that. I wasn't even aware Kung Fu had more of a plot O_o.
Kung Fu had a plot?!?! Thanks for the link Duke. Very cool.

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