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Posted on Jun 5th 2014 at 02:26:50 AM by (NeoMagicWarrior)
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Hey everyone!

Recently, life has sucked. Growing up sucks and I don't know how some of you
have dealt with it. I have been sooooo busy since the last time I
posted...but i assure you, unlike the last time, I'm back to stay (hopefully).

Since last post I:
Got a "real" job
A bunch of personal life stuff

....all of which have taken up a great deal of my time. But now that i am
finally back to where i need to be, i can get back to what matters most:
video games. To kick things off, im gonna bring back the Summer Game Challenge!

Assuming you dont already know, the SGC is an event created by someone on
RFGen (who exactly is something I forget) and was a way for the community
to get together and collectively clean out our backlogs. To participate,
all one needs to do is set a list of games to beat, and then do so over the
summer....and usually blog about it (but i assume you could play and not
tell anyone....but that ruins the "collective" part.)

With that in mind, ive set the goal to finish the following before
September 1st:

Zelda: Wind Waker (playing the HD remake)
MGS: Snake Eater
Zone of the Enders 2 (Also in HD)
Mega Man 6
Metroid Prime
The Legend of Dragoon

3-4 of the games were on my previous lists, but for whatever reason, diddnt
get done. (In the past, I had much more free time over the summer, so I set
more ambitious goals.)

If i wanna get this done, Ill have to work quickly, seeing as my new job
takes up 11 hours a day between work and commute...thinking everything but
Dragoon needs to be done before august to stand a chance.

So far, progress has been slow, with the release of Mario Kart 8 and all. Just got through Tomahawk Man's stage before bed, and have 7 more robot masters to go.

Till Next Time!

~ Neo
Official Backlog count: 317 (62% complete...although I'm sure I forgot to add some steam games here)

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