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Posted on Oct 16th 2012 at 01:59:38 PM by (NeoMagicWarrior)
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EDIT: the first time i posted this today, somehow it cut off halfway for some reason....its fixed now

Ok...allow me to preface a bit first.

First off, i've been crazy busy, thus explaining the lack of blog posts...and the conclusion of my SGC will be posted....eventually xD

Now onto the find:

I was at a church craft show/ yard sale on a saturday afternoon. Traditionally, i can pick a few things up each year, since the "yard sale" room is ran by old ladies....people donate their stuff to the church and then the church manages the sale of it as opposed to individual sellers.

This year seemed pretty grim, until i looked under a table at a box marked "playstation", with a few bags next to it. The box indeed contained a ps1 with 2x memory cards, a gameshark and power chord (no av or controller >.>) The bags were of particular interest.... after scooping them all up, I asked the old lady there how much for all of it....

"well, since its all gonna get donated in an hour about 10$ for all of it?"

Here's what I grabbed!

(nomad/ game gear/ gb / gbc)

all of it works marker, no dirt...hardly any scratches on the systems....and all for 10$

but now for the real question: what to do with pokemon green!?

also: what is the best way to keep games in a cardboard box in good condition?

Posted on Apr 29th 2012 at 11:48:04 PM by (NeoMagicWarrior)
Posted under yard sale, genesis

Grabbed a sweet deal at a yard sale this weekend! all this for 4$!!! Had to share!

Super excited to play phantasy star II! Hint book and map look great!

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