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Posted on Jul 31st 2008 at 07:30:59 PM by (NESman93)
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     This game will just about get a horrible review anywhere you go. The controls are crappy in the rally races, and even worse when you get to the side-by-side races! In the rally races, the controls are pretty straightforward (A - Accel. B - Special Weapon; Left/Right - Steering; Up - Nitro). When you get to the side-by-side races, the controller is just too damn hard to use. I swear that the people that made the game (Acclaim), must have thought that they needed to use every damn button on the controller, with the exception of the start and select buttons. You have to use the B button for Gas, and the A button for the Transmission Shifting. At the same time that you are accelerating and shifting, you have to simultaneously press left and right on the d-pad to get the damn monster truck moving!
     Also, between side-by-side races (which consist of Mud Race, Pull-Off, Car Crunch, and 1 drag race in the last race of the game), you have to use the money that you start with and the money that you earn from winning other races and rallies to buy parts for your truck.
     And one of the worst things is what happens with the CPU opponent. When you start the game, you play as the driver of Bigfoot up against a green truck called the Growler. Both the P1 and CPU start with 5000 dollars. If at any point the Growler runs out of money and then crashes in a rally, the game ends for that truck. But, they will automatically put in a new truck that is yellow, called the Charger.
     The shit of that is the fact that they give the truck 5 grand, AND doesnt have to buy any new parts for the other races. Now i got the game, simply cuz im a Monster Truck fan, but i CANNOT play this game for more than 5 minutes before i get pissed off and have to turn it off!
     I have to say that this game has got to be one of the worst games in the NES library. I cannot find even one redeeming quality about it.

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