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Posted on Aug 31st 2008 at 11:26:37 PM by (NESman93)
Posted under video games, sega genesis, mortal kombat, site news

Now this is a review on Mortal Kombat that this guy, Sizzler07 on youtube did. This has got to be the worst video game review of a video game that ive ever seen! I dont even think that he has even played the game before he turned the camera on himself! He says that the game shouldnt have ever been ported from the arcade. He also has done a Contra review that was even removed because he bashed the game so heavily that people were creating so many video responses and flaming his review. The MK review pissed me off so badly, and it may even piss off some of the most hardcore MK fans. Anyway, just watch it.

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What a douche. I stopped paying attention after the first time he said it shouldn't have been ported.

Don't waste your anger on him. Kids these days wouldn't know a good game if it crawled up their ass.
I felt so strongly against this video that I actually did a video response to it.

I was calm and all that, but I really did want to lash out and start swearing my head off.
Kid seems retarded.
Ah yes, sizzler07. It's kids like him that make me fear for my generation.

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