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The fact is that we always have to use our phones when driving. It could be conversations, directions, or listening to music. It is much safer if your phone is permanently attached to a car holder.

A good cradle will help you focus on driving better, allowing you to charge or select the application on the screen without many problems.

But try typing the phrase "Phone holder" on google, you will be dizzy with thousands of different options that you do not know what type to choose.

So what is the most important factor for your selection? Form or function? Is charger included or not? Stable charger or fast charger?

Do you really need a stand?

Let's start with this question. If you drive for more than 30 minutes a day, the answer is definitely YES.

Putting your phone on a cradle is much safer than holding it in your hand, leaving it in the palm of your hand or on an extra seat. Even if you are not running at high speed, your car will soar dozens of meters on the road if you just neglect a few seconds with your phone.

Not to mention, your phones today are not cheap either. Not being placed in a fixed position can send the car to the floor whenever you step on the brake pedal, I am sure you will feel a little sorry.

If you've never used a stand, trust me that you'll need to get used to just a few days of use and it's a good habit.

How to use the method and where to place the phone holder?

This is the most important thing when you use a phone holder, which is both safe to drive and has to work.

Placement is extremely important, you do not want to be caught in the vision but do not want to have to roll your eyes too far. And still need to consider the ability to use the phone while driving anymore.

Therefore, the following factors are summarized to help you make the best use:

    Bracket should be placed around the center axis of the vehicle.
    The stand should be within reach of the driver.
    Bracket should be used in more than 1 position on the vehicle (steering glass, taplo or air vents).≈

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