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Posted on Dec 15th 2012 at 02:55:35 PM by (GamerNick)
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  Hey everyone yesterday was a busy day for me other than the fact that I was up for more than 24 hours I did quite a bit of hunting and picked up my first Craigslist pick up from a guy who is actually a member on here! 
   The other day I was browsing Craigslist and I found an ad, emailed the owner and he sent me an email back so on Friday I paid him $25.00 for a two big boxes of Sega Genesis Boxes and Manuals.  There were a few doubles but I actually needed most of them.  The rest will be for sale on here so keep an eye out or email me if your interested.  The pictures will be described this time because this blog is photo heavy and two of the pictures are of Genesis boxes that are for sale. So please read the description. 
  Then on Friday I went and got rid of some more movies because I wanted to pick up some more games and guides with my brother.  First we went to CD Tradpepost to get rid of the movies and I picked up a couple of nice PS1 games that I have been wanting for a while.  Then we went on to Ben's Gaming to get rid of some more movies and I picked up a CIB Yoshi, few manuals and Final Fantasy VII PS1 Sampler Disc. (Keep in mind everything from each store will be described and listed).  Then we went on to Half Price Books and I picked up a few strategy guides and some cheap mangas that are video game themed.  Then we went onto the first Gamers and we didn't pick up anything especially since they moved everything around again.  Then we went to a place where our indoor flea market moved to and saw nothing but some toys that looked nice and some baseball cards we didn't pick up anything there.  Then we moved on to the Second Gamers and I found a few more PS1 games and few Atari 2600 games one being He-Man INTV version!  Then we stopped by Best Buy on the way home and my brother picked up Assassin's Creed III for PS VITA. 
   Today I received my Free Christmas/Birthday Gift from Zag!!! Thanks again!! I am already playing Battleship its awesome! Also my brother said thanks for the Nerf Gun after I shot him with it!!! haha Such big kids at heart.  Also yesterday we stopped at BAM and picked up the last issue of Nintendo Power we are opening this one and waiting on the other one to be shipped.

So here is the run down then the pictures.
*CD Tradepost -
-Alone in the Dark - One Eyed Jack's Revenge - $6.99
-Dino Crisis - $1.50 - better condition than the one that was priced at $6.99
*Ben's Gaming
-Yoshi - NES - CIB - $7.00
---Manuals & Final Fantasy PS1 Sampler Disc all $0.50 to $1.00
-Ms. Pac-Man Special Color Edition - GBC
-Nascar 2000 - GBC
-Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing - GB
-Frogger - GBC
-Joe & Mac - SNES
-Pokemon Colosseum - GC

*Half Price Books
-Dot Hack//Mutation Part 2 - $5.00
-Dot Hack//Outbreak Part 3 - $7.00
-Suikoden IV - $7.00
-Suikoden IV Art Book - $7.00
-Devil May Cry 3 Volume 1 - $1.00
-Devil May Cry 3 Volume 2- $1.00

*Gamers - Second Location
-Basketball  Atari 2600 - Sears Telegames - $0.95
-Joust - Atari 2600 - $0.95
-Masters of the Universe - Atari 2600 - White Label - $0.95
-Reggie Jackson Baseball - SMS - CIB - $3.95
-Air Combat - Long Clear Box - CIB - $2.95
-3D Baseball - $4.95
-Gallop Racer - $4.95

*Best Buy
-Assassin's Creed III: Liberation - $25.00

So here are the pictures I'll start with the Genesis stuff first - Thanks again Jim.

Picture 1 - These are just the boxes they were all packed in.

Picture 2 - These are ones that I needed to make my cart only complete.

Picture 3 - These are ones I AM KEEPING.

Picture 4 - These are ones I AM KEEPING PART 2

Picture 5 - These are for sale - some have the manuals and some do not if interested please message me.

Picture 6 - Also for sale.

Picture 7 - Hunting part 1 - None for sale.

Picture 8 - Hunting part 2- None for sale

Picture 9 - Hunt part 3 - Not for sale.

Picture 10 - Gift from Zag.


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great pick ups.  25.00 was a great price for all those boxes. 
Sorry I didn't tell you I pulled the battery out of the Battleship handheld. I did that so it wouldn't turn on while in transit and emit suspicious sounds.

BTW I could use a box & manual for my Madden 95 Genesis cart... hmmm...
@Zagnorch: ill see if one of them has both and it's yours unless your kidding haha and since I have so many it's free lol.

@cverz2: totally agree I hope I can score something like that again.
Dang what a deal on the Sega Boxes.  If I was still living in Nebraska I would of snatched that up and got the games from cd tradepost and gamers to fill in.  Good Craigslist fine.
Nice on the C64.  The box is a little beat, but I think everyone should have a C64 on hand for something (if not gaming then pounding in nails, fending off burglers, etc.).

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