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Posted on Oct 21st 2012 at 09:02:13 AM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone! So Bill (Engel762) and I did some more shopping and I did some little browsing on my own.  It's been a pretty good month so far Bill has picked up quite a few things to add to his growing collection as have I.  IF you missed the last blog the Street Fighter Anniversary Set is so boss (little 80's talk).  Bill and I hit up a few places Wednesday Morning of last week.  We went Half Price Books first I didn't pick up anything but Bill did.  Then we went to one Gamers store couldn't find anything much since they are doing something ridiculously stupid such as clearing out their old games which now they have chalked it up to getting rid of PS1, DC, and SS.  Then we went to another Gamers and they haven't cleared out everything at this time. Bill picked up a few things and since if you buy a guide with a purchase of a game equal or great value he picked me up a Final Fantasy 3 guide for SNES and I picked up a Tray/Stand for my Red Wii (See prior blogs). Then we went to CD Tradepost and I picked up I guess it's sorta kind of "rare" gamecube game Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Then we stopped at Ben's Gaming and I picked up a few things (See list below with pictures. Then our last stop was a Pawn Shop in Council Bluffs and we both picked up a couple of NES games. Then the other day my brother and I did some browsing as well and he picked up a couple of things. 

So here is the rundown:

Gamers -
*Wii Stand - $0.95
*Final Fantasy 3 SNES Guide - $9.95 Originally knocked down to $7.00
CD Tradepost - Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone - GameCube - $7.00
Ben's Gaming:
*Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection - Volume 1 - PS1- $2.00
*Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection - Volume 2 - PS1 - $5.00
*Sega Genesis Greatest Tips - First Volume (I know have both volumes) - $1.00
*Rush 2049 - N64 Manual - $0.50
*Super Mario/Duck Hunt Manual with Product Code - $0.50
*SNES Mouse Manual - $0.50
Council Bluffs Pawn Shop - Wild Gunman (5 Screw) - $3.00=
Best Buy:
*Puzzler 3D World 2012 - N3DS - $30.00
*Mortal Kombat - PSVITA - $20.00

Then here is the last part my brother picked up a few comics at a local store and I bought Back To The Future CIB off eBay for $12.95-Free shipping. Then the other day I bought Doom 3: BFG Edition - Sadly disappointed I recommend to everyone unless you are a die hard Doom fan and want every thing to do with Doom DO NOT buy this.

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Better hide those Sonic comics before Raze sees 'em.

BTW that's quite a price disparity between the two [1]Arcade's Greatest Hits PS1 games...

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