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Posted on Jan 16th 2013 at 09:22:51 AM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone! Bill & I did some Game Hunting yesterday and I purchased quite a bit and so did Bill.  We had a good day for hunting the sun was shining the weather well it was COLD!  Also the other day Bill and I met up at CD Tradepost and I got rid of a some more movies and some CD's and I purchased some more games in the Buy X Get X Free.  So let's start there at CD Tradepost on Monday I picked up a few Genesis titles I needed to fill my empty boxes that I am working on and yes I will be posting a Sales Thread soon for everything I have for sale including those Genesis boxes that are for sale.  I picked up David Crane's Amazing Tennis, Barkley Shut up and & Jam, Jack Nicklaus Power Challenge Golf, Jeopardy and Revolution X CIB. I also picked up a couple of PS1 Games - Go figure! haha and I also picked up Spyro Enter the Dragonfly Player's Choice GameCube.

Then yesterday Bill and I started off when our usual routine after we stopped at the post office to drop of packages on for Zag and one for Shadow they are on their way guys!  Then we were off to HPB and I found a Final Fantasy Anthology pretty much New Brady Guide for $15.00 any other place I have seen this around here are $30.00.  I also picked up He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Book copyright 1985 - I know not game related but it's nostalgic.  I also picked up a very mint pretty much new but they opened it to verify contents stupid HPB sometimes a GameShark Special Edition for Game Boy Color Pokemon Crystal Edition. As always I will have everything listed and priced in the end.  Then we went on to the first Gamers and Bill picked up a few Atari 2600 & 1 7800 game for me instead of Gas Money and and I picked up Road Rash 3D PS1 Black Label & MEGA MAN 3 on Game Boy!!  For those who don't know the title of my blog this time is for the Mega Man the Theme Song from the Anime in the '90s had the lyrics with "Super Fighting Robot Mega Man." Then we went onto Game Central Prices are all over the place but I got me something very nice and very cheap I got a box for the Atomic Purple Controller N64 System and semi-rare Atari 2600 game called Wabbit, and I purchased Tomorrow Never Dies on PS1.  Then we were off to a second Gamers that we haven't been to for a while and they usually don't have anything but this time they did I picked up Ristar CIB on Sega Genesis, Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge on Game Bo.  I also picked up Chuck Norris SuperKicks Xonox Cartridge my second one --One of Them Will be for sale probably eventually for those interested and finally I picked up Star Wars: The Arcade Game on Atari 5200.  Then our final stop was Ben's Gaming Zone Bill picked up Minty CIB Phantom 2040 SNES for me and Jupiter Strike PS1 Long Box.  Then I picked up Syphon Filter 3 Black label in which I picked up Syphon Filter 2 Black Label at CD Tradepost.  SO here is the run down please comment!!! and pictures to follow.

CD Tradepost - Monday
*Revolution X - Genesis - CIB - $5.00
*Jeopardy - Genesis - $4.00
*Jack Nickalous Power Challenge Golf - Genesis - FREE
*Lost Luggage Apollo - Atari 2600 - $1.00
*Barkley: Shut up & Jam - Genesis - FREE
*David Crane's Amazing Tennis - FREE
*Sypro Enter The Dragonfly - GameCube Player's Choice (yuck) - FREE
*Thunderstrike 2 - Long Box PS1 - $5.00
*Syphon Filter 2 - Black Label PS1 - Free
*2 more GBA Cases - $0.20 a piece

Half Price Books - Tuesday
*Final Fantasy Anthology - BradyGames - $15.00
*He-Man and The Masters of the Uinverse Book - $1.00
*GameShark Special Edition Pokemon Crystal - $5.00

Gamers #1 - Tuesday
*Road Rash 3D - Black Label PS1 - $4.50
*Mega Man III - Game Boy - $11.50!!
*Crossbow - Atari 2600 - Gas Trade
*Double Dunk - Atari 2600 - Gas Trade
*H.E.R.O. - Atari 2600 - Gas Trade
*Kangaroo - Silver Label Rerelease - Gas Trade
*Kool-Aid Man - Atari 2600 - Gas Trade
*Solaris - Red Label Atari 2600 Rerelease - Gas Trade
*Space Invaders - Silver Label  Atari 2600 - Gas Trade
*Karateka - Atari 7800 - Gas Trade

Game Central -
*Tomorrow Never Dies - Black Label PS1 - $7.00
*Wabbit - Atari 2600 - Semi-Rare - $3.00
*N64 Atomic Purple Controller System Box - $5.00

Gamers #2 -
*Ristar - Sega Genesis CIB - $15.00
*Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge - Game Boy - $9.00!!
*Chuck Norris SuperKicks - Atari 2600 - $1.50
*Star Wars: The Arcade Game - Atari 5200 - $1.50

Hope you all enjoyed this blog again please comment.

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Love the PSX longbox as always, and great finds on the Console Box and Ristar. I have to admit that I've got a soft spot for the Atari software though, and you've got many uncommon Atari 2600 carts there, including the nice Xonox cart, Kool-Aid Man and Wabbit. I've never seen Double Dunk before, but I love the late release Atari 2600 red carts.
@Shadow Kisuragi: Thanks Shadow. Yeah I also have a soft place for Atari especially 2600 sadly they are just so boring to put in the Game Collectorz. I don't know what it is but when you have a nice size stack of stuff to add the Atari games seem to take the longest! I like the Uncommon titles I am trying to pick up as many as I can..a few weeks ago I finally picked up He-Man which I hardly ever see on 2600.  I like the Xonox carts I have one double end one with Chuck Norris and 2 of the Chuck Norris carts alone ---BAM Chuck Norris Approved and Certified.

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