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Posted on Nov 9th 2012 at 08:44:44 AM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone my brother and I hit up HPB yesterday because we had some coupons and it was time we went there to pick up some more games.  If you haven't read last week's blog do so! haha my brother picked up some more big box PC games last week among some other things as well BUT this week we picked up some more at HPB most I picked up were on clearance for a $1.00 or so.  Also I picked up my Halo 4 Limited Edition Game & Guide.  Honestly I love the game (campaign and mulitplayer) but as for class I think the guide has more perks than the $100.00 price tag on the limited edition anyone with me on that one?? Anyways here is run down of what we picked up yesterday and a picture hope you enjoy!

Game Stop - Halo 4 LE Game & Guide (not pictured) - Pre-ordered - Paid off - Total - $135.00

*Tomb Raider - Lost Artifact - $0.90
*Links LS 2-Pack - $0.90
*Vietnam: Black Ops - $0.90
*Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit - $0.90
*Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed - $0.90
*Return to Atlantis - Amiga 500, etc. - $1.40
*Boeing 737 Collection - Brand new - $5.00
*Boeing 737-600 Advanced - Brand new - $4.00
*Ilyushin IL-96 Traffic 300 - Brand new - $4.00
*Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (wasn't in the database but I did submit it) - Brand new - $8.00
*Treasure Island - Brand new - $1.00
*Star Trek Encyclopedia - Not a game but still it was ORIGINALLY priced at $50.00 but they marked it down to $7.00
*Jane's F-15 - $7.00
*Retro Gamer Magazine (love this mag company!) - Sonic 20th Anniversary Special - $2.00

All of these games are complete and in Mint condition!

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Fix the timestamp on your camera, sir!  Nice haul on the PC games,  boxed PC games are fun with the artwork and all the stuff that can be found inside some of them.  Shame I'm a Steam freak now Cheesy
Pretty cool haul, niceguy.  Makes me happy to see someone proud of their PC haul.  Surprised by the 737 games.  Not many FS guys tend to sell their stuff... 

Now that you have a Tomb Raider game for PC you should try for the original boxes for part one through three, which are famous (and infamous) for being strangely shaped (trapezoid, I believe).
Good prices on the FS stuff. bombatomba is right, I never see used Flight Sim stuff unless it is so old as to be on a floppy.
@bombatomba: yeah fs games are awesome odd enough I have picked up quite a few lately. And I also picked up tomb
Raider 3 in trapezoid box before I read your post haha.

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