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Posted on Nov 17th 2012 at 01:00:45 PM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone on Friday Bill and I did a little game shopping only at a few places. Like our normal routine we went to HPB and he picked up a few things and for gas money he picked me up Pokemon Special Edition Strategy guide which covers Yellow, Blue & Red and get this it HAS ALL THE STICKERS! The guide is in mint condition I have seen this one maybe once and the stickers were gone probably stuck all over some kids Game Boy or something (refer to my previous blog of mom throwing boxes away for my feelings on something like this).  Then we were off to Gamers which lately hasn't been the greatest but we always keep trying well Bill had a ton of luck he finally got his 5200 tv/power adapter!!! CHEAP! Plus a lot of nice PS1 games and a nice Dreamcast keyboard for I believe it was $1.95!! For a buck I picked up Gunslinger (Picture Version) Cart for Atari 2600 it's the Sears version of Outlaw.  I have never seen this in the wild and I like the Sears carts because there is history with them in my family as that is where it all began for me well my parents anyways. Also forgot to mention earlier that also for gas money Bill picked me up something non video game related "Urban Chipmunk" on LP which is a Weird Al like version of Urban Cowboy but with the Chipmunks but who doesn't like those little critters especially the old school ones (me I prefer the 80's versions).  Then we were off to my favorite Baseball Card store to pick up a lot of cards for our boss who loves the Yankees ---ick haha well I do like Jeter and Giarardi.  But anyways back to video games we went to our favorite local shop and picked up for trade Frankestein The MOnster Returns MINTY CIB!!! and Cool World CB I NEED A MANUAL SOMEONE HELP!  Bill picked up a few SNES games so keep an eye out for his finder's keepers and blogs show this guy some RF Support he is doing a fantastic job collecting and does a great job in his finds and gets some pretty sweet stuff from me for his collection for trade! So as we collector's should always do is help each other out!  So here is the rundown and the picture please comment!!

*Pokemon Special Edition - $7.00
*Urban Chipmunk - $3.00

Gamers -
*Gunslinger - $1.00

Local Shop -
*Frankenstein: The Monster Returns - So so so minty! CIB - $30.00
*Cool World - CB - NEED MANUAL HELP! - $25.00


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Nice pick ups with Cool World and Frankenstein! I still need both of those.
Whoah, they put out a combined guide for Pokemon Yellow, Blue, AND Red?!

That's soooo aweso--

--errr, I mean, that's so freakin' LAME!

Yeah, um, only a pathetic LOSER would want one of those. Um, yeah, eh heh.

Oh, will you look at the time... gotta book.
Nice Urban Chipmunk record. Makes me want to dig out the turntable.
@Zagnorch: ouch zag
Zag, only a pathetic loser picks up 8 copies of Pokemon Yellow... Tongue
I'd be more than happy with that guide. I loved the old 1st Gen Pokemon games.

He was only joking, since he picks up tons of Pokemon stuff all the time. Grin
I second the great pickup on the NES games.  Also the Sears pic labels like the Gunslinger you picked up are so great, love that old Atari artwork.  Same game as Outlaw, but rarer and with different artwork.
@singlebanana: thanks banana yeah I totally agree 2600 had some really nice artwork I couldn't remember what counterpart gunslinger had until I looked at the digi guide.  @Shadow Kisuragi: haha snap zag shadow has u pinned! Pokemon stuff is great to collect but not nearly as much as Mario or zelda.  I want to get all three of those games in the guide complete in box someday hopefully.

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