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Posted on Oct 30th 2012 at 08:48:22 AM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone Bill (Engel762) and I did some end of the month shopping and went to our usual places and tried to find a new place that didn't exist.  We first started off at Half Price Books where I picked up in trade (for my Roger Waters: Live at The Wall CD Set) a few comic books at $0.50 a piece (not pictured sorry.  I also picked up a few clearances GameCube games as well.  Then we went to Gamers and I got two Halo Promotional items a Halo: The Anniversary Edition Promotional Box and Halo 4.  Then behind the counter were a few games mostly damaged stuff but Bill and I spotted a few games I picked up Karate & Time Pilot (Which is kind of scarce, and I so wish it was the rare Karate game) both are for the Atari 2600.  Then we went one of our favorite places on the way home and I picked up Whomp 'Em on the NES in a trade with Bill.  So not much for me but keep an eye out on Bill's page the market is getting kind of dry here sometimes I wonder why?

Here's the rundown and the picture:

Half Price Books:
*Comics 4 at $0.50 a piece
*Lord of the Rings: Return of the King - GC - Player's Choice -- $2.00
*Medal of Honor Rising Sun - GC - Player's Choice -- $2.00
*Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 - GC - Players Choice -- $1.00
*****ALL GC Games are complete minty in box.******

Gamers --
*Halo Promotional Items - $2.00 a piece
*Karate -$1.00
*Time Pilot - $1.00
***The prices are actually lower than the above prices mentioned because I have a shirt from the company so I get discounts.***

Favorite place -
*Whomp 'em - $15.00 - CB - I need a manual if anyone has one.

Thanks and enjoy.

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Wait... that's it?! This is all you could drum up for the end of October?

I am very disappointed in you, young man; you've proven yourself capable of far more than this in the past.

Hopefully, this was just a down period, and you can get back into your usual stride.

I'm probably not one to talk, though-- I've come up with bupkis over the last week. Sad
@Zagnorch: It's just a down period catching up on bills and stuff and someone dried up the market here a little bit.  But Bill did a nice job yesterday overall.  I hope to get back to my usual stride eventually once things start showing up.  I am thinking about getting rid of a bunch of DVD's especially ones I have purchased on Blu-Ray and get some extra cash. You'll find some stuff soon keep on hunting as they say.
@GamerNick: I hear ya about the market drying up a bit; I've hardly found diddley around here for the last several days. What little I have found and considered buying ended up being in deplorable condition.

But, the holiday shopping season is coming, which usually means a larger stock of used goodies at my fave second-hand media sellers.

Just gotta be patient is all.
@Zagnorch: Yup! As they say "Patience is a virtue" but with the holiday's you should pick up some good stuff.  I am trying to get some boxes for my systems I need a couple more NES ones, Genesis 1 & 2 but lately I haven't had any luck for a while there Gamers was just giving them away but I think I picked them clean.  But as you said the holidays so maybe I will get lucky with those and some more boxed NES games but I also have Halo 4 Limited Edition Game & Guide coming my way on Tuesday!

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