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Posted on Oct 11th 2012 at 06:29:15 PM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone today Bill and I did a little shopping a little less than what we did last week. BUT my brother and I did some shopping as well.  First off we went to EZ Pawn and I picked up nothing but Bill picked up a couple PS2 games cheap.  Then we went off to one of my favorite local stores and Bill picked up a Fat PS2 in box in great condition & my brother picked up some Sonic Comics and some original TMNT Comics. Then we went to another local store I like and I picked up a few boxed NES games.  Then we went to CD Tradepost and picked up a couple of games there as well.  It was a great day so fare and then after Bill went home will all his wonderful goodies he bought my brother and I went to lunch and then we went to Toysrus to try and find me a clearance copy of Diablo III for $10.00 but no luck Sad  BUT then my brother and I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart hoping a game thatI wanted was still there but NO LUCK or wait maybe there is luck!! I picked up Street Fighter Collection on Xbox 360!!! This thing is pretty sweet!!!! (Keep an eye on my blog I will be posting an uboxing soon). My brother picked up Fortune Street on the Wii and Crossword Plus on the 3DS at NFM.  But before we went shopping today Bill came over and checked out my SFC, N64 Japan and Famicom.  But he brought me a little present a Boxed Ultima VII on PC (Floppy).  So here are some pictures and list of what I bought! Hope you all enjoy!

Local Store 1:
*Batman: The Video Game - Brand New Sealed still with the Kay-Bee's Sticker on it - $40.00
*Cowboy Kid - CIB but I need a new Manual if anyone has one.  - $40.00
*Fist of the North Star - CIB - $10.00
*Spider-Man Return of the Sinister Six - CIB - $10.00

CD Tradepost:
*Luigi's Mansion - CIB - NOT Player's Choice - $14.00
*Tiny Toon Adventures - Plucky's Big Adventure - PS1 - $5.00

Nebraska Furniture Mart:
*Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection - $120.00
*Fortune Street - On Sale - $20.00
*Crossword Plus - On Sale - $20.00 (Not Pictured)

Gift from Bill -
*Ultima VII: The Black Gate - Priceless

Also today my Xbox Halo Controller arrived to complete my system.

Here is the pictures:

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I'm wondering if I should grab a copy of CrossworDS Plussome time soon, myself. I should probably finish off the original DS version first. Which, at the pace I'm going, should only take another couple years.
@Zagnorch: Lol it's not the greatest my brother said because you have to unlock the word searches.  I am not big into those games on handheld for some reason, but from the sounds of it you play yours as often as I do haha. What did you think of the Street Fighter Collection?
Do want Street Fighter Anniversary set....
lemmie know how fortune street is. I REALLY wanna play it, since i hate the luck of mario party....

also *takes street fighter set*
@GamerNick: What did you think of the Street Fighter Collection?

To be honest, I don't really have much to say. For one, I don't own a single Street Fighter game at all-- or of any other one-on-one fighting game, save for Smash Bros-- because I'm really bad at 'em. All that expertly-timed pushing of the right buttons to unleash the perfect combo is far beyond my comprehension, let alone my abilities.

And another thing: I'm not too big on the "special collector's edition" video game box sets, unless they have extra in-game content, or a book covering the history of the game series. I tend to not be wowed by exclusive figurines or other tchochkes. Though I must admit the soundtrack music on eleven freakin' CDs was a nice touch.

Bottom line: if you're happy with it, then I'm happy for you. How's that for a diplomatic answer?

@Zagnorch: Very diplomatic haha I do like street fighter a lot just some games I couldn't stand but the blu-ray's are a nice touch and the soundtracks some I can live with some I can deal with haha.
Nice Cowboy Kid.  Good price, since it goes for about that much or maybe more loose.

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