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Posted on Aug 10th 2012 at 02:43:42 PM by (GamerNick)
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Hello everyone this is my begining of August Finds.  September though could possibly be a heavy month of buying but who knows.  So I am on this kick of finding cheap stuff or things at a decent price.  Well last weekend I bought Kingodm Hearts 3D for a total of $5.00 I had a few giftcards from purchasing items before that and kept collecting the cards and got the game well for buying the game I got a $10.00 gift card so I practically spent nothing on the game!  Then my brother (whom which doesn't collect much anymore for a lot of reasons which I respect and we are selling some stuff) he picked up a brand new copy of Monopoly Star Wars on eBay using our eBay bucks grand total he spent $4.00!  Then today I went to a garage sale and picked up an NES Action Set Complete in Box for a grand total of $2.00!!!!! So I would say that is the mother of all finds in a while!!! I know own an orange zapper set and a gray zapper Action Set! So sweet!!! Also today went to a local store and picked up Assassin's Creed II Masters Edition for $17.00 sadly it is almost complete it didn't have the statue SO!!! IF THERE IS ANYONE out there that has an extra statue or want to sell there statue I would be interested Thanks.  So here is the picture let me know what you guys think. The Action set is very minty fresh even the box looks pretty great.

NES Games I am looking for:
**Flintstones 2 (Boxed or Cart Only)
**Little Samson (Boxed or Cart Only)
**Stadium Events (Boxed or Cart Only)
SNES Game:
**Final Fight Guy (Boxed or Cart Only)

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Hey everyone. My brother and I have collected a lot of games throughout the years. We have a huge collection of games spanning from Pong Systems to the most recent systems. We also have Japanese systems and lot of cool video game related items. Check out our blogs from time to time because we "score" a lot at our video game stores, flea markets, and of course eBay.
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