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Posted on Nov 28th 2012 at 02:39:43 PM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone today I decided to sell of some more DVD's to pick up some games I had on hold at Gamers but made a couple of other stops along the way.  Today I started off by going to CD Tradepost where I traded my movies.  Then I went onto Good Bytes and picked up a Boxed PC which is J.R.R. Tolkein's War in Middle Earth - kind of funny since the Hobbit comes out in a couple of weeks!  This thing is 100% complete all 3 floppies and even the map and product guide I mean it has everything!!! Got it dirt cheap too.  Then I went to Half Price Books they didn't have much wonder why.  But I looked in the case and picked up quite a few Commodore 64 Carts to add to my collection of growing C64/128 stuff.  Then off to Gamers to pick up my on hold games and some other nice games I picked up.  The games I had on hold were Skies of Arcadia & Stubbs the Zombie on Xbox which I have been looking for forever! Lollipop Lollipop now the damn trailer song is stuck in my head again!  But I also picked up Resident Evil Long Box PS1, Action Fighter & Out Run SMS Boxed Complete, and Samurai Showdown on Genesis Complete.  Here is the run down and picture to follow!

Good Bytes:
*War In Middle Earth - So Complete - $2.00

Half Price Books:  -- All prices are marked at what I would of paid BUT I had a 15% discount off total purchase there!!! So you can all figure it out.
*Jupiter Lander - C64 Cart (all of the C64 Stuff are Carts to follow) - $4.00
*Omega Race - $4.00
*Speed/Bingo Math - $4.00
*Tooth Invaders - $4.00
*Visible Solar System - $4.00

Gamers: - Had a huge discount there as well
*Skies of Arcadia - $40.00 but I got it for $30.00
*Resident Evil PS1 Long Box - $18.00
*Stubbs: The Zombie - $25.00 but got it for $15.00
*Action Fighter - SMS - CIB - $4.00
*Out Run - SMS - CIB - $4.00
*Samurai Shodown - Genesis - $5.00

That is all folks!

Here is the Picture:

Posted on Nov 14th 2012 at 08:34:59 AM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone! I did it again more BIG box PC games and a few more nice items from HPB, eBay, and Goodwill.  I am an HPB member so I get coupons in my email and I used the 50% off the top priced item on Sunday but I picked up a few things on Friday and Saturday as well.  Friday was the previous blog when my brother picked up a few things and Saturday I went to Goodwill and a Baseball card store (ah the good ole days).  Then on Sunday I went to HPB and picked up the bulk of what you will see listed and pictured.  On my last blog a member mentioned me getting the Tomb Raiders in their trapezoid boxes but before I read that I actually did just pick up Tomb Raider 3 in the trapezoid box. SO I think that is pretty hilarious also another member mentioned about FS games well I have picked up quite a few lately haha I love em and my friend is a pilot lol.  My brother last week went on eBay and picked up Wacky Worlds BRAND NEW for $45.00 while others in worse condition were selling for $75.00 or more! Ours isn't perfect but its really nice.  SO anyways here is a list of what I got and approximate prices.

*Wacky Worlds - Brand New - $45.00 shipped

*Total Air War - Was priced at $20.00 but had the 50% off highest price item so $9.99
*Cool Boarders 4 Greatest Hits - PS1 - $1.00
*Tron Collector's Edition Controller for Xbox 360 - Originally Priced at $25.00 but they lowered it to $12.00
*Project Stealth Fighter - CIB - Commodore 64 - $7.00

*Longbow AH-64D - $2.00
*Tomb Raider 3 - $4.00

Enjoy please comment!

Here is the picture I think it has a been a good Year for Boxed NES games and Big Box PC games!  Looking forward to more hunting on Friday.

Posted on Sep 14th 2012 at 01:44:23 PM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone engel762 and I went on a little road trip to Lincoln, NE to hit up a few stores.  Long day but we hit up both Gamers, both Game Rooms, and a nice pawn shop.  Then on the way home we stopped at my favorite local video game stores and he sure picked up a great lot of things (not just here but also in Lincoln).  If you want to check out his purchases check out his blog under Engel762.  My brother who isn't into the classic part of the collecting anymore also picked up a few nice Wii items to add to the collection. The road trip was great even though I was exhausted from working overnight Engel and I still had a great time and it was well worth the drive and the loss of sleep in the end.  I hope to continue the adventures in game hunting with my friend.   So here is a rundown on the items I picked up or TRADED with Engel.

*The Game Room -
-FREE Nintendo Wii 25th Anniversary Edition Mario Red System Box - Soon hopefully I can complete it but if not I hope to someday.
-Terminator: Rampage (Thanks Engel for looking under the table haha)  - $3.00
-Rush'n Attack - NES CIB - I found this sitting behind the counter just laying there and asked about it since I have a huge passion for CIB NES Games. Price - $5.00
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming out of Their Shells Video - $1.00 - I know not a game but it's totally nostalgia. 

*Gamers - Nothing big
-Legend of Zelda Minish Cap Strategy Guide - $4.95 - thought I didn't have this one but I do but sadly not up for grabs at this time. 

Final but not least the trade with Engel.  He wanted my extra copy of Halo: Reach Hardened Edition which is new my brother just opened it to check out the stuff in it.  But at our local store I found Mass Effect - Limited Collector's Edition with the Pre-Order Bonus Disc for a whopping $60.00!!! So Engel picked it up for me and we traded Halo:Reach, Mario is Missing! NES, and few other games for it.  Thanks again Engel for the drive, the fun time and Mass Effect. 

And here are my brother's Best Buy Purchases:
-Wii Wireless Sensor Bar - $20.00
-Action Replay Wii - $20.00

Posted on Aug 17th 2012 at 04:38:01 PM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone went around to a few places today and well didn't spend much but I receieved a lot of FREE goodies!!! I picked up a few SNES, Lots Genesis Boxes, one N64 box, and a few Master System Boxes.  These were the wonderful first of the free items.  Cool thing is I needed most of the boxes for my carts I have sitting around   I also picked up a PS3 box for my 80GB system, and the Sears Tele-Games 2600 system and cart holder all for free!! Then as for my purchases I picked up B.O.B. CIB for $4.00, Game Geneie codebook for SNES for $0.95, Happy Trails Intellvision with controller inlays for $0.95, Tron Deadly Discs CB with Inlays for $0.95, and World Series Baseball Sega Saturn CIB for $1.95.  Then I went to Half Price Books I picked up the "NEW Edition" Bioshock Guide fro $2.00.  So here are the pictures let me know what you think.  Some of the boxes might go up for sale BUT not for sure yet.  If they do I'll post something.

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