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Posted on Oct 23rd 2008 at 04:30:24 AM by (Nik the Russian)
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October 20, 1985 (23 years ago): Sega Mark III is released in Japan.

Known later as Sega Master System, Sega released SMS to compete with the NES. The console supported a number of accessories (like a light gun, 3D glasses, and at least 4 different varieties of controllers) and featured a number of successful games (Phantasy Star is a big one, other popular ones were Y's: The Vanished Omens, Alex Kidd in Miracle Worlds, Outrun and the later Sonic the Hedgehog port). The system also had ports for both cartridges and cards, though cartridges were more common.

Nevertheless, the console was not successful: in North America it was eclipsed by NES, and later by Sega's own Genesis; in Japan, both Famicom and PC Engine were much more popular. The later, smaller revision, called SMS II, did not help sales. I am actually surprised that SMS had a game released for it in Europe as late as 1996. If only Sonic would've appeared sooner, the SMS might've had a chance.

October 10, 1992 (16 years ago): Turbo Duo is released in North America.

This is usually the ultimate console for a TurboGrafx fan: a combination of TurboGrafx and TurboCD hardware, with a couple of addons you can play just about any TurboGrafx game ever released, including Japanese cards and CDs. I would've gotten one a long time ago, if only they weren't so darn pricey.

October 15, 1992 (16 years ago): Night Trap is released for Sega CD.

One of the most controversial video games ever made, the violence in the game caused it to be pulled from many store shelves. The game has something to do with saving girls being attacked by... vampires, I think. I have yet to check out the game, as my copy should be arriving shortly from eBay. This game was actually one of the launch titles for Sega CD, the failed add-on for the Genesis, released in North America on the same day. Pictured on the right is the Sega CD 32X version (yes, apparently you need both add-ons to play it), because our database needs more images.

October 10, 1994 (14 years ago): Doom II: Hell on Earth is released for PC (DOS and Windows).

A sequel to a very popular FPS by id Software. Unlike its predecessor, Doom II was actually sold in stores, and not through mail orders. Fans of the series would probably point out that the gameplay differences between Doom and Doom II are few, besides the inclusion of a new shotgun and bigger maps.

October 18, 1994 (14 years ago): Sonic & Knuckles is released for Sega Genesis / MegaDrive.

One of the most unique cartridges made, the game allows previous Sonic games to be plugged in the top, "stacking" cartridges. This allows to play as Knuckles the awesome Echidna in Sonic 2 and 3, as well as unlocking the full version of Blue Sphere mini-game in Sonic 1. The "lock-on" cartridge technology was somewhat revolutionary, but did not catch on with any other games.

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To be exactly correct: that's the Sega CD 32X version pictured there. You really needed both the add-ons to play that game. Pretty rediculous if you ask me.

But nice writing, I learned some new things! Smiley
Sirgin: Thanks for correction! I did not even notice that it was Sega CD 32X version, all I saw was that yellow label. Still, database needs more images, so I can use the right ones.

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