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Like many game collectors, I truly enjoy thumbing through pages of old gaming magazines. There's something really fun about putting yourself back into the context of the time when the magazine was published. This week I got Issue 91 of PSM in the mail as part of a trade. I was thrilled to open the sealed magazine for the first time since its publication in December of 2004. As such, I thought I'd share some key pages with you.

(Spoiler: PSM in 2004 definitely liked boobs. You've been warned! See you after the jump...)

First up we get a two-page spread with a sneak peek at the soon-to-launch slim revision of the PS2. The editors applaud the sleek redesign, integrated ethernet port and decision to use a flip top. Though a full sidebar laments the choice to discontinue support for the HDD:

"Sony has unceremoniously dropped support for the HDD (which comes with Final Fantasy XI) in the new model PS2. To say that this is one of the biggest gaffes they've made since entering the console race in 1995 is an understatement."

There's a small preview of Team Ico's upcoming game, the then titled Wanda And The Colossus.

And look! Castle Shikigami 2 reviewed in a print magazine! The review is decidedly positive. Though sadly the only gave it a 6/10, but they did at least research enough to clue gamers into tracking down the first Castle Shikigami under its American title, Mobile Light Force 2.

The editors don't seem all that thrilled at the upcoming Capcom Fighting Evolution, instead wishing Capcom would finally deliver Street Fighter IV. On the flip side, they do love Nuby's Street Fighter II anniversary fightpads. I concur, as I still use mine in conjunction with a USB adapter to play fighting games on my PS3. They're actually much higher quality than the wireless-dongle editions that MadCatz would produce for Street Fighter IV.

Editor-in-Chief, Chris Slate pens a list of ten changes he wants to see in the PlayStation 3 and PSP when they finally launch. Though he did get his wishes with better memory card management, inclusion of surround sound and pro scan, and wireless controllers, apparently the next gen would ultimately let him down.

Load times? Still got em. Endless start-up screens? Check. Cheap manuals? What's a manual? Lame voice acting? Well...

The cover story is about Rumble Roses and WWE Smack-Down Vs. Raw. I'm fairly certain that an article was written about it. It might be somewhere near all the pictures of half-naked polygonal women. Maybe.

And there you have it folks! Lesson learned? Sex sells PS2's. Or at least magazines. Hope you enjoyed this bit of nostalgia, as I do plan to make this a semi-regular feature on the blog.

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(Spoiler: PSM in 2004 definitely liked boobs.

What, you couldn't figure that out on your own by just looking at the cover? With a visual aid like that, who needs spoilers?

Anyhoo: I almost never hold on to the gaming mags I subscribe to. I pretty much toss the latest ish into recycling after I've read all the articles of interest.

However, lately I've been buying back issues of Nintendo Power whenever I find them for $0.50 or less a pop. It's the only video game periodical I actually collect now, and the reason why escapes me...

Fun fact: Chris Slate is the editor-in-chief over at Nintendo Power now.
Loving the new NSFW homepage. Smiley
@Singlebanana: x2 Cheesy

The only magazine I had growing up was Nintendo Power, so I was always deprived of these images. Smiley
I've been enjoying it myself at work as well. No one's really at work right now, but it'll be interesting in a few days when people come by my desk to ask questions.
those SoTC and CSII shots have me all hot and bothered.
I still have all of my old gaming mags and I frequently buy bags or boxes of them when I am out garage saleing. I think my favorite back issue is the Thrill Kill cover issue for Tips N Tricks. There's just nothing quite like an old school game that never actually got made...

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