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Posted on Nov 1st 2012 at 08:28:51 PM by (noiseredux)
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So this past month I decided to broaden my collecting goals. Rather than focus exclusively on Dreamcast, I started picking up Sega CD and Saturn stuff as well. I find this adds an even greater selection of interesting games to my library, as the whole early optical media days presents amazing variety from killer 2D games, awkward 3D games and even impressive arcade ports. What's crazy is that this month turned out to be perhaps the most I've added to my collection in a single month this year. Let's take a look, shall we?

First off, I picked up an X'Eye via trade with our very own Duke.Togo. This is actually my household's second X'Eye, though the first is my wife's and resides in our living room. I wanted this one for my main gaming setup. I love the X'Eye. Sure, the CDX is a bit sleeker, but it's also more expensive. Plus the X'Eye is a karaoke machine. Eat your heart out, CDX! Oh and I nabbed that 6-button controller elsewhere.

Some common additions to my US Sega CD library, but good stuff no doubt. Sonic CD is definitely an all-time favorite SCD game, and I was really excited to find Mickey Mania as Mickey's Genesis platformer games were great. Most of these were trades or cheap local pick-ups.

A few pack-in games... the more common edition of Sewer Shark along with the X'Eye pack-ins of Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia and a karaoke sampler.

And finally I've got a copy of Night Trap! It's the blue cardboard re-release version, and in great condition.

Now a pretty big haul of US Saturn games. Mostly commons, but some good stuff in there like D and Fighting Vipers. That 3-Pack is cool as well and came with a really awesome Saturn poster. Most of the Saturn games came from a cheap-o eBay lot.

Oh... and Shining Wisdom!

Not to mention the Nights boxset, which netted me an extra 3D controller. Got this and Shining Wisdom via trade with Ghost Soldier here.

Also managed to grab a copy of Dead Or Alive, which was only released in Japan. This was nabbed off eBay for cheap.

I picked up the Saturn Stunner lightgun for just $7 at my local retro shop. And got that Sega 3 button controller as part of trade with barracuda.

Needed a Saturn arcade stick, so grabbed this boxed Virtua Stick off eBay for $20 shipped. It's certainly nothing amazing, but it'll work for the price. Plus it's cool to have an official Sega stick.

And of course some Dreamcast US games. Definitely some good stuff in there. Most of these were trades or acquired through friends.

Plus a few stand-outs: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Marvel Vs Capcom 2 were both from a friend of mine, while the Dream Passport 3 I picked up locally. Dream Passport 3 was a Japanese web browser, but what made it interesting was it had Genesis and Turbo Grafx-16 emulators built in so you could download ROM's off of the Japanese Sega service. Think of it as an early precursor to PSN, XBLA or Virtual Console.

Another trade netted me the Seaman box set, complete with microphone!

And a good friend of mine gave me a great deal on the Dreamcast Agetec stick, which is easily one of my favorite arcade sticks of all time.

That same friend also found me a Japanese Dreamcast keyboard in Typing of the Dead box! He managed to nab it off eBay for super cheap and passed the savings right on to me.

I also picked up one of those Dreamcast SD card readers off eBay, though I haven't had a chance to try it yet. And GreyGhost81 here hooked me up with a free box for a VMU.

Locally I managed to nab five issues of Sega Visions magazine. They're all in great condition.

But probably the coolest swag I've found lately is this "Sega Swirl" t-shirt!

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Shining Wisdom!!!
good shit man
Hope you actually get to play most of this. ha
Wow, it looks like a really incredible month for you. I'm glad that the X'Eye found a good home. I've never seen a DC SD card reader, that is pretty nice!
Looks like October was an outstanding month for you. Those are some great games and peripherals. I'm sure your Sega collection is looking pretty impressive now.

Oh, and I love the Sega swirl t-shirt.
Great scores sir!  Kudos.
So much great shit! I have a soft spot for Saturn stuff! Awesome awesome stuff!
Holy crap!

"...and the winner this month is Shadow."

I'm not the only one getting Sega fever.  How good will November look?  Halo 4 might kill it for both of us.


"...and the winner this month is Noise!"

sorry about the mixup
@OatBob: lol, I thought you meant Shadow Sonic.

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