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Last Summer on the forums a member by the name of Snickerd00dle came up with a Summer Gaming Challenge for himself. He decided he would compile a list of ten classics that he had never beaten and attempt to beat them all during the Summer months. The thread was popular enough that not only did many of us follow is progress, but several members even joined in with him. About a month ago he mentioned he was planning to do it again this year, inspiring some of us to come up with our own lists -- myself included.

The hardest part was of course coming up with the list. My list went through many major revisions over the course of the month. My original idea was to try to pick so-called classics that I had never played, representing ten unique genres and stretched over many systems from 2600 to PS3. However a funny thing happened. Once my first list draft was done I noticed that it was basically a bunch of PlayStation games book-ended by a handful of older and newer games. You see I had just finished reading the wonderful GameSpite book chronicling the history of the PlayStation. Not to mention the PS1 seems to be the console I've been focusing my collecting on the most these days.

I then decided that I'd just make my whole list PlayStation games. That would at least help me narrow things down. And I'd stick to keeping it ten different genres. But classics? That was tricky. As an early adopter of PS1 back in the day, I really knew a lot of classics. Really this list should be games that I personally always meant to play, but had put off for some reason or another. I figured how about a list that finally gives me an excuse to play some of these games that I had always planned to.

So here's the list I finally decided on:

Chrono Trigger
Dead Or Alive
Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown
Mega Man X4
Metal Gear Solid
Mr. Driller
Ridge Racer
R-Type Delta
Silent Hill

For the most part, these are all games I have never played at all. There's a few small exceptions. For instance I've of course played many Mega Man games, just not X4. I have briefly played DOA2, but never the original Dead Or Alive. I've played Duke Nukem Advance, but never the classic Duke Nukem 3D. And I have tried both Ridge Racer and Silent Hill, but not for any expanded period of time. So my attempt to seriously sit down with these games and try to beat them all will be a very new experience to me with each of them.

As far as time-frame is concerned, I decided to start playing during Memorial Day weekend -- the unofficial start of Summer as they say. And I suppose I'll aim to wrap it up by the first of September. So three solid months to get ten games under my belt. For the most part I think that's reasonable, with the only really long games being Chrono Trigger, Metal Gear Solid and possibly Myst. I also have no sequence in mind. Originally I thought maybe I'd do them chronologically, but I've decided I'll just play them as I wish. If I feel like focusing on one until it's beat, then fine. If I want to work on Chrono Trigger and R-Type back and forth, so be it. If I want to juggle them all at once until something gets beaten, whatever. This is just supposed to be fun, right? And of course I plan to keep the blog updated with my progress on each. Stay tuned!

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A couple of things.

First, that version of Chrono Trigger is the worst version of Chrono Trigger. The load times are very annoying. You should play the DS or SNES versions.
Second, good luck with R-Type Delta. I have beaten most R-Types and Delta is one of the hardest. I only beat it on Easy!
Third, I can't believe you have never beaten Metal Gear Solid! One of the best games ever made.
i'm with you on this, although i don't think i'll be quite as formal since i have a long list that i'm continually working on. one of my goals this summer is to play through chrono trigger for the first time, though.
@ShellShock: PSX version of Chrono Trigger is almost unplayable. It'll ruin it for you, noise. Please, please, please don't put yourself through loading screen hell.

Why don't you start up a similar Summer Challenge thread here? I'd be interested in giving it a shot, as summer is downtime for me for work and it'd be great to try out if I'm not moving at the time.
Damn fine list, sir. Mega Man X4 especially.
@Shadow Kisuragi: why not come join us over on the racketboy forums for it?  Having more people on the same site discussing the same challenge and some of the same games is better than having it spread out...

My mostly finalized list is:

-Chrono Trigger (SNES)
-Super Metroid (SNES)
-No One Lives Forever (PC)
-Diablo (PC)
-Guardian Heroes (SATURN)
-Adventure (2600)
-A Boy and his Blob (NES)
-Zillion (SMS)
-Gunhed (PCE)

#11 will be Link to the Past (SNES), if I get that far...

Subject to change between now and the official start on June 1 Smiley
I'm in. I'll sit down tonight and compile a list.
Completely agree with the Chrono Trigger disaster on PS. DS is the way to go. Also if you can, MGS: The Twin Snakes on GC is a better version IMHO.
I'm sure you guys are right about Chrono Trigger and MGS being better on other systems, but part of the point of my list was to play games I already owned and hadn't touched.

part of the point of my list was to play games I already owned and hadn't touched.

Ah, kinda like xtincthed's The Collector's Experiment:

I hope you make more progress with your selections than I have with mine...

...which would be absolutely none at all, whatsoever.
@Zagnorch: yeah kind of like Xtincted's thread too. Yup.
Since I cant seem to find a link to the racketboy thread your referencing (seems it hasnt been created for this year yet?) I'll just post my list up here. In no particular order:

1. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (Wii)
2. Vay (Sega CD)
3. Dark Wizard (Sega CD)
4. Wario Land (VB)
5. Battletoads/Double Dragon (SNES)
6. Disgaea 3 (PS3)
7. Kung Fu (NES)
8. Gex (3DO)
10. FFXII (PS2)

I've started half of those at some point in time, but havnt finished any of them yet. There are a few RPGs so as long as they dont eat up all my time I should be able to tackle this.
Awesome idea!  I think I will join in because I really haven't beat anything this year.  I'll write up my list sometime soon.
With a new pickup today and a game I realized I should have beaten a long time ago this is my revised list:

1. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (Wii)
2. Vay (Sega CD)
3. Super Mario Sunshine (GCN)
4. Wario Land (VB)
5. Battletoads/Double Dragon (SNES)
6. Panzer Dragoon (Sat)
7. Kung Fu (NES)
8. Gex (3DO)
10. FFXII (PS2)

Cool idea, here's my list:

1. Zelda Link's Awakening (GB)
2. Legend of Dragoon (PS1)
3. Project Zero (xbox)
4. ICO (PS2)
5. Sonic Adventure (DC)
6. Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
7. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (Wii)
8. Little Kings Story (Wii)
9. The Longest Journey (PC)
10. Sonic & Knuckles (MD)

The thread is up now
Also, nice picks Seno!! Lots of great stuff in there. Should be a fun summer for you.
Great idea.  With my second kid coming any day now, I need to get in on this to ramp up my gaming, since I won't be able to go out and collect as much.  I've got the NES2 on permanent hookup, so I'm just going to do a one system list:

1.    Adventure Island
2.    Crystalis
3.    Contra (2 million points, no cheat code)
4.    Defender of the Crown
5.    Double Dragon II
6.    Fester's Quest
7.    Kickle Cubicle
8.    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
9.    Renegade
10.  Wizards & Warriors

In order to keep up with my progress, and keep me motivated, I'm going to post updates to my blog.
Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge Racer!

My goal is the entire Suikoden series, I'm almost done with 2 but my summer class might get in the way a little bit. I've also never any of the old Sonic games so I'm going through 1 & 2 since I now have them, almost beat 1 yesterday, going back to try again today.

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