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Posted on Oct 11th 2008 at 05:00:00 AM by (otaku)
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I finally did it and bought a PS3 I've been drooling over this magnificient machine since its release and have nearly bought one many times finally this week while visiting a local game shop I saw a used (no box, some scratches) 40 gig ps3 on sale now I love this shop and I wanted a PS3 and I had the money for once to buy it. So I did. I found out when I got home that I overpaid by about 20 bucks but thats ok I love this shop and they need my support. Anyway I've been having a blast with it so far playing the following:

Ferrari challenge
Everyday shooter
lingering wake (interactive art)
Gran Turismo 5

And I have a copy of Time Crisis 4 with guncon on the way (and I have the big screen to play this bad boy on!) I need to get an HDMI cable though running composite just seems wrong!

Also I've got a wonderswan crystal and Judgement silversword coming
and am looking into finally beggining my Neo Geo AES collection after having had a nice Neo Geo Pocket collection in the past.

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Gratz on the purchase.
Welcome to RF Generation and have fun with the PS3. Smiley

Question for you: Is Ferrari Challenge good? I remember playing a demo of a Ferrari game on the PS2 and it was truly horrible...I just couldn't understand why Ferrari didn't give their license to Polyphony Digital but did gave it to this shovelware game.
Make sure that your big screen can take light gun games.  LCD TVs can't play them sadly Sad
Congrats on the 'investment'! Tongue Cheesy
Thanks for the welcome. Ferrari challenge is quite good if a bit difficult. You might have been thinking of F355 Challenge but that was also an excellent game (yu suzuki's work, he's a huge ferraristi)
Congrats! What's your Playstation Network ID? I want to add you to my friends list.
Should be jdotaku or otaku. Not sure.
scroll all the way to friends on the ps3 menu, and it should have your name right under "message box"

OR just go to "Add A Friend" and add Tondog. that works too.
Personally, I'd go for Metal Gear Solid 4. But I dunno if I'd ever justify spending $60  on a game (actually I did on DKC 3 back in the day, great purchase)... especially when I know within a year the game will likely be down to the 20-30 range
@Shimra: I'm for it just so long as the game is top-notch and the developer totally deserves every penny then can possibly get.

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