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Posted on Oct 18th 2008 at 03:22:59 AM by (otaku)
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Got my genesis repros in that I bought off a guy who makes them quite regularly very nice work actually but sadly no artwork. They all work great so far and it seems to be all sega parts(?) anyway I picked up: Gleylancer, Pulseman, and twinkle tale all for 90 bucks shipped. I feel pretty good about this considering loose official carts would cost me at least double based on my surfing of ebay and other sites. Plus its all in english to which is nice.

Still waiting on my Neo Stuff. But having a blast right now if it weren't for these games and weekends I think I'd go crazy right now (school!!) midterms were this week (some of next week to) I'm actually doing pretty well though. The games help its like therapy maybe not cheap therapy but it helps. Its a great escape

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