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Posted on Oct 11th 2008 at 05:00:00 AM by (otaku)
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I finally did it and bought a PS3 I've been drooling over this magnificient machine since its release and have nearly bought one many times finally this week while visiting a local game shop I saw a used (no box, some scratches) 40 gig ps3 on sale now I love this shop and I wanted a PS3 and I had the money for once to buy it. So I did. I found out when I got home that I overpaid by about 20 bucks but thats ok I love this shop and they need my support. Anyway I've been having a blast with it so far playing the following:

Ferrari challenge
Everyday shooter
lingering wake (interactive art)
Gran Turismo 5

And I have a copy of Time Crisis 4 with guncon on the way (and I have the big screen to play this bad boy on!) I need to get an HDMI cable though running composite just seems wrong!

Also I've got a wonderswan crystal and Judgement silversword coming
and am looking into finally beggining my Neo Geo AES collection after having had a nice Neo Geo Pocket collection in the past.

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