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Posted on Oct 15th 2008 at 11:01:35 PM by (otaku)
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I'm really loving this beast. Started running Life with Playstation which I have been running the PC version of for years now. Very cool use for all that power (one nice thing about my 40 gig its more efficient than other PS3 models so less energy bills) I do however wish I'd shelled out an extra 100-150 bucks to buy a 60 gig so I could have an emotion engine chip but the cheap SOB in me said no just get another PS2 if you want to play PS2 games that bad. I bought used to though I don't really mind that. Loving the games (finally played some GT5 prologue) and my Time Crisis 4 just arrived with the amazing new Guncon 3 bought my copy new for 60 bucks which was actually the best price I could find from a retailer great thing about the Time Crisis games is they hold their value and often go up. And I tracked down an HDMI cable at monoprice for 6 bucks shipped crazy deal considering retail is like 30-50 typically,so soon I can game in HD (my tv can do up to 1080i I have access to another with 1080p but rarely) anyway so far so good hopefully though they will come out with some new games soon cause after GT5 and TC4 I don't have much to play on it.

My Neo Geo stuff is on the way so that will be my next post (big one! Pics hopefully) also have some Genesis games on the way (gleylancer, pulseman, and another I can't think of)

Posted on Oct 11th 2008 at 05:00:00 AM by (otaku)
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I finally did it and bought a PS3 I've been drooling over this magnificient machine since its release and have nearly bought one many times finally this week while visiting a local game shop I saw a used (no box, some scratches) 40 gig ps3 on sale now I love this shop and I wanted a PS3 and I had the money for once to buy it. So I did. I found out when I got home that I overpaid by about 20 bucks but thats ok I love this shop and they need my support. Anyway I've been having a blast with it so far playing the following:

Ferrari challenge
Everyday shooter
lingering wake (interactive art)
Gran Turismo 5

And I have a copy of Time Crisis 4 with guncon on the way (and I have the big screen to play this bad boy on!) I need to get an HDMI cable though running composite just seems wrong!

Also I've got a wonderswan crystal and Judgement silversword coming
and am looking into finally beggining my Neo Geo AES collection after having had a nice Neo Geo Pocket collection in the past.

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