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Posted on Oct 11th 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (Pam)
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I love it when games combine multiple genres and styles of gameplay. The Guardian Legend is an NES game that I love for its seamless transitions between shoot`em up and overhead action. When I heard that Blaster Master did a similar thing - I knew I needed to play it. Blaster Master was developed by Sunsoft and released in 1988. It combines elements of platforming, run and gun and overhead action. Does it do them all well though? Check out the video to find out.

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I love how you explained (or tried to explain) the story to yourself.  I'd like to say that I ignored the story back in the day, but then again I bought the book Smiley

I really dig this game.  It was one of those from my youth that struck a serious note, but the game is so difficult I could never finish it (I managed about two years ago on my 3DS).  I want to take the more cultured route and say that my love was for gameplay, graphics/sound, or the successful combination of multiple genres (as you mentioned), but for me it was entirely down to the game mechanic of pressing the Select button to have Jason jump out of SOPHIA and being able to move around on his own.  While I cannot be sure, I am pretty confident that I used to this this a lot during the game, pretending that Jason (who was actually me) needed to scout terrain or maybe just needed to do some repairs or something.  Ah, youth.
Great review, well done! You pointed out the strenghts and weaknesses of the game very intelligently.

Blaster Master is one of my favorite NES games. I played and beat it shortly after it was released (I was already an adult back then) and I love the game despite some shortcomings still today. It is one of the few games (like Mega Man 2) I play once a year, and I was so much in love with the game that I mapped it out completely on one of my first PCs.

The game design, the variety of the worlds, the fantastic soundtrack, and the great and rewarding use of the acquired items to access the new stages  make this game a true classic. The biggest disadvantage was the lack of a password system or battery save which prevented it from becoming more popular and a bigger commercial success. Not the gameplay, but the missing save opportunities made this game very frustrating.

I'm just glad that the game is recognized today as one of the true classic NES games. In the 90s when I praised this game as one of the best NES games, I got merely surprised and compassionate reactions. Smiley
A classic review, Pam. I, too, enjoyed the "explaining the story" bit. Very amusing.
Great review Pam!  Man, Blaster Master is one of those games that was super frustrating to me as a kid. I never was a big fan of it, but perhaps I should give it another go.
@singlebanana: I'm with Rich on this one. Never quite seen the love for this game. Had some neat concepts, but wasn't very fun. Couple awesome music tracks for sure though.
@bombatomba: I thought it was cool how JAson could jump out of the tank too... though I found him so fragile when he did it, so I rarely got out unless I needed to.

@lendelin: Thank you! I agree it's great. I'm kind of surprised that is doesn't get talked about more when people talk about Metroidvanias... because it functions very similarly with getting items to open new areas. No save is a big drawback though, since it's fairly long.

@MetalFRO: Thanks!

@singlebanana: Thank you!I'd give it another go. I am very easily frustrated by NES games, but found this one quite good.

@Crabmaster2000: I found the tank segments really fun. The overhead bits... less so, but still really liked it overall.

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