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Posted on Jul 13th 2016 at 08:00:00 AM by (Pam)
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So far I've been sharing reviews of games I adore and have gushed over them accordingly. Today I thought I'd share a review of a game that evokes a lot of nostalgia, but very little love.

The original Prince of Persia is a game that was quite ubiquitous in the early 90's. Originally developed for the Apple II, it was soon ported to over a dozen other platforms. It's the NES version that made its way into my game library when I was a kid, and did it ever make me feel terrible at video games. Between the jerky movement, odd controls, and inexplicable 60 minute time limit, I never managed to get very far in this game back when I first played it. It rarely managed to stay in the console for more than a few minutes before I got frustrated by constantly dying and swapped it out for Star Tropics, Felix the Cat or solo games of Monopoly.

Give the video a watch to hear my thoughts on playing this game many years later.

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All of these side scrolling platforming puzzle games just don't resonate with me. I've tried my hand at a few of them, and still get excited if I see one of the games of its kind that time has forgotten. I think the slower nature of the game play bores me, and even the later examples of this genre like Oddworld: Abe's Oddysey leave me just wanting to play something else.

Maybe they're just from a bygone day that was before my time.
I like the concept of what these type of games are trying to do and I think that a great deal of the mechanics modern games owe a lot to this style of platformer (I'm thinking Tomb Raider, Uncharted, etc.)  With that said, they do feel clunky and the controls are much slower and unresponsive than what most people are use to in a platformer. Still, there's a special place in my heart for a few of these games; my favorite game is this genre is probably Nosferatu for the SNES.

Nice review Pam!
I love this game. I applaud any game that strayed from the pack and did something so unique. I understand that people have issues with the controls, but it's just a matter of adapting to them. They're not bad, they're just different. Like Banana said, people weren't used to delay, but it's not Mario and it wasn't meant to be. I believe the whole game is based around it's controls. If it were responsive like SMB or Mega Man, there would be nothing to the game.
I do not care for this game. Even with video guides i can't be bothered to go back and finish the 360 port i should have never started.
@SirPsycho: That's too bad you don't like these games, there are a ton of new puzzle platformers out now that I've really enjoyed. I just don't like this one.

@singlebanana: Thanks! I haven't tried Nosferatu (though I haven't tried most things on the SNES)

@JerryGreenwood: That's true, it would be much different. And the animations, which were quite goof for the time, probably wouldn't have worked so well at a faster pace.

@Izret101: I've also never finished it. I got as far as I could within the hour, but didn't like it enough to try to beat it in that time.
I have mixed feelings on this game as well - frustrating as all get out and a test of patience for anyone wanting to defeat this title.  I first played this on PC, where the keyboard commands were similarly as brutal. 

Great promoted video from the RFG blogs.  I checked out Pam's YouTube page and there is a great deal of excellent content.  Well done!

I picked up the Game Boy version recently, so now I'm curious as to how it compares.  I seem to remember borrowing a bootleg copy of this for PC when I was a kid, but I never really spent any time with it.  Funny how the purple dungeon levels look like old PC CGA graphics, as if the NES port was a slightly enhanced version of that earlier PC version.  The animation is quite fluid, thought, for a NES game.  Good review.
@Marriott_Guy:  Not promoted. Pam is a regular staff contributor now. So look forward to many more great videos. Wink

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