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Posted on Feb 16th 2019 at 08:00:00 AM by (Pam)
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Summer Carnival '92 RECCA is an impressive shoot'em up. As I played it, I wanted to know more about the Summer Caravan that spawned it. So here's a bit about summer gaming competitions, including Hudson Soft's All-Japan Summer Carnival and Naxat's Summer Caravan. Plus a review of RECCA.

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Great stuff, Pam! Recca is a game, along with Crisis Force from Konami, that really pushes the limits of what the Famicom/NES hardware can do, so it's very interesting to think about what it accomplishes within the confines of the system, especially given that mapper chips had to be used to expand the capabilities of the system, and gave us most of the best games we know and love. For most stuff I would probably go the flash cart route, but this is one I would consider a repro of, similar to what you have, because it's such a curiosity, especially given that most of the other caravan shooters had moved to the PC Engine. That mode with all the suicide bullets looks absolutely insane.

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