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Posted on Feb 14th 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (Pam)
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Castlevania is a series I never really got into. I didn't play it any on the NES or SNES when I was a kid, and it wasn't until Symphony of the Night on PS1 that I finally gave it a try. In an attempt to fill this gap in my gaming experience, I played through Super Castlevania IV. My initial impressions weren't great, since Simon felt very heavy to control, but... did it grow on me?

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Hehe, I forgot about the moonwalking thing.  Thanks for that.

I think a lot of your issues with this game are indicative of the early series in general, though I think the stiffness of the Simon feels worse because of his size on the screen.  Still, this is my favorite pre-SOTN Castlevania (tied with Simon's Quest, though likely for nostalgia reasons).  The music and gameplay was a high point for my SNES experience as a teenager back in the early 90's.  It's been a long while since I've played it, but maybe it's time to pick the game up again.  3DS eShop price is only $7.99 USD, so maybe this weekend I'll have to treat myself.

I can see a lot of people who started out with SOTN not wanting to go back to the originals, so I am always happy to see/read fresh opinions.  Great review and looking forward to the next video.
Thanks for the review on this one. It's interesting hearing the experience of someone who didn't play the earlier games in the series. I think a lot of the issues you had with it were due to the fact that you haven't played the NES games. If you think Simon controlled poorly here, play Castlevania 1, 2, or 3. In those games, you had no control over your jumps once you commited to them and you could only whip left or right. The flight patterns of the bats, crows, and other airborne enemies were even more maddening without being able to back out of a jump or change the direction of your attack. Coming to Castlevania IV after playing those was a revelation. As the first Castlevania game on the then-new SNES, the multi-directional whip control, increased jump mobility, graphics, sound design, and music were such huge improvements from the first few games that I fell head over heels for it. It is a bit easy compared to the rest of the franchise and I can't defend the frequent slowdown, but this remains my favorite Castlevania game to date, even after having played SOTN. I'm glad to see another perspective, and that you were able to get some enjoyment out of it despite its more dated aspects.
I enjoyed IV more than SotN. I still find the controls and movement a bit stiff in Symphony plus when I played I was always getting lost, not knowing where to go next. I like the linearity of IV. Thanks for watching!

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