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Posted on Oct 24th 2013 at 11:13:01 AM by (Prixel Derp)
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This one is interesting, but I have the feeling that I need to explain.

In the late 70's and early 80's, women's wrestling or joshi puroresu was HUGE in Japan, and instrumental in that popularity were the Beauty Pair.  The team consisted of Jackie Sato and the above Maki Ueda. Here is a a bit of a historical package on their career (Japanese).

Much of their popularity stemmed from the fact that they sung their own theme music, which became a tradition for many in All Japan Women Pro-Wrestling (AJW).  Here is a clip of them performing this very song on TV (Japanese):

As the "Pair" were so popular, it would be a no-brainer to have one of them sing a song that is essentially an advertisement for a video game, especially a huge one like Space Invaders.  As I earlier touched on this particular game's popularity in these here United States, I feel it is also important to mention that this game was also hugely popular in its home country of Japan as well.

What is YOUR favorite celebrity participation or endorsement of a video game???

For More on Japanese Women's Wrestling:

A Trip to the Eagle Sawai Retirement Show, from May 2007

Fore More on Pro-Wrestling Video Games:
- WWF Superstars - Arcade Review

For More on Space Invaders:
- VINTAGE VIDEO GAME DOCUMENTARY! - Valley of the Space Invaders

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Well, not a celebrity at the time, but you know: [url][/url]

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