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Posted on Nov 20th 2000 at 12:00:00 AM by (raffa1985)
Posted under El Chavo, Chaves

I'm in mourning! Chespirito (or Roberto Gomes Bolaņos), one of the biggest idols from my childhood has just passed away at the age of 85.

I suppose that many of you who live outside Latin America may never heard about Chespirito/Roberto, so let me introduce him briefly: he is a mexican actor, writer and director who created probably the biggest and the most iconic characters and TV shows in Latin America, such as Chapulin and El Chavo.

El Chavo is his most popular show, being aired here in Brazil (as Chaves) uninterruptedly since 1984 and still a HUGE success, enjoyed by kids to adults. It is a sitcom that addresses the interactions of a group of people who live in a poor neighborhood.
I've watched all these episodes TONS of times and i know by heart all the lines, but i still keep laughing every time, and i'm assure you i'm not the only one.

Cool, but what it has to do with videogames???

Well, his work has generated cartoon shows (which sucks by the way), books, toys and also VIDEOGAMES!!!

Unfortunately, the games are not worth the plastic they use on the packaging (well, the racing one is not that bad), but as a fan i saw myself obliged to buy them. Here they are:

(Chapolim x Dracula, 1993)
(Chaves, 2012)
(Chaves Kart, 2014)also on XBOX 360

Well, all this stuff was just as excuse to pay a homage to this great man. It will be quite strange to watch these shows from now on knowing that El Chavo (or Chaves, the way we call this character in Brazil) is not here anymore.

R.I.P Chespirito/Roberto and thanks for make me laugh for the last 30 years!

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