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Posted on Feb 19th 2012 at 12:51:45 AM by (ReddMcKnight)
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Hello everyone. Today, I present a short, simple video. All it shows is my first victory in Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3. Still, I think Shadow Kisuragi would be proud, considering he's partly responsible for getting me into this style of racing. Anyway, enjoy.

Posted on Aug 3rd 2011 at 06:53:08 AM by (ReddMcKnight)
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Alrighty! I am back, and better than ever! To celebrate the first entry of my revamped Blog, Hardcore Old-School, I'm going to talk about Arcade Games!

Arcade Games. For many older gamers, they are a great source of Nostalgia. I'm sure that if you ask any gamer who was between the ages of 10-20 in the 80's/90's about Arcade Games, they'll go on forever about them. Hell, even I'll do that, despite being just a kid in the 90's. I love Arcade Games. However, these games have one major flaw. That flaw is they're punishing difficulty.

I'm not sure exactly why they're so difficult. The only reason I can think of is that Arcade Game Designers really wanted money. In short, they would develop super difficult, but addictive games that would eat away at your hard earned allowance.

One of my particular favorites is Street Fighter The Movie.

Now, before you turn away from this entry in disgust or give me all kinds of crap about how it sucks, acknowledge a few things for me:

1. The game was NOT developed by Capcom.
2. It's fighting engine is based on Aerial Attacks and "juggling" opponents.
3. Jean-Claude Van Damme is pretty cool.

OK, now feel free to quit reading, or just keep reading.

Now, while this game is one of my favorites, it's VERY difficult. Make even one mistake while fighting your opponent, and it's game over for you. By default, the game is set to Medium, which I found out by using the MAME Emulator. It may as well be on the hardest difficulty though, because if I haven't stressed it enough already, this game is hard. Tongue

Another example of difficult Arcade Games is this:

As you may be aware, I reviewed the NES Version of Bad Dudes a while back. While that version is difficult, this version ups that difficulty 3x.

My point is, Arcade Games are tough, and not for the casual gamer. They are certainly good fun though. Smiley

This is ReddMcKnight, signing off!

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