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Posted on Feb 5th 2021 at 08:00:00 AM by (russlyman)
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If you guys don't know me already, I drive a custom Super Mario Kart Car. It's a 2005 Scion xA and its painted Red, White, and Blue with yellow wheels just like Mario's car in the game. I am constantly working on it, and recently I have been making appearances at kids' birthday parties with it.

Well, I upgraded my shift knob which was a BaBomb for a while, and decided to make one out of a plastic banana to resemble the bananas you throw in Mario Kart.

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Oh, you're so silly, RussLyman...

You like this, don't you? Yeah, you like this. It feels so banana-ey in your shifting hand.

It may not be red... but you don't care. It's a banana, and it's on your shift knob. And it's just for you, RussLyman... just for you.

No one else, no one else can shift that banana... no one else can hold down the clutch while you're changing gears... NO ONE ELSE.

'Cuz you're just so... wasp.

BTW in case you're wondering just what the heck I'm referring to, here you go (Content Warning: some naughty language & mature situations):

All right, I'll stop bothering you for now. Stay warm and stay safe out there, my good man.


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