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Posted on Mar 6th 2020 at 08:00:00 AM by (russlyman)
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I love getting custom orders from people who have a favorite game. This one was for my buddy Joe and he really loves the Metroid series. He told me that he also enjoyed the bad guys a lot. I wanted to try something new for this project and make it really stand out. I used Apoxy Sculpt, acrylic paints, and hot glue to make this system. Oh....and a lot of time and hard work. Check out the video to see the process and the two custom controllers I did for the system as well.

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Wow. This custom NES job looks amazing, Russ! You've got me thinking about a custom G.I. Joe NES Tongue
Thank you so much glad you enjoy it. O man yeah a GI Joe one would be awesome. I got a order for a Mortal Kombat one I'll be doing next month

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