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Posted on Jan 6th 2021 at 08:00:00 AM by (russlyman)
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So Vans partnered with Nintendo in the past to put out some cool shoes. Well Nintendo did it again, this time with shoe company Puma. They had to celebrate Marios 35th Anniversary in style. I take a look at these shoes that are a through back to the old school NES

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There are awesome! I've never been into the Vans thing, much like I wasn't into Converse as a kid. But these are definitely more my speed. I'm kinda picky about shoes, because I need something comfortable for an everyday shoe. But I could see buying a pair of these, like you said, and wearing them to a convention, or for events. Looks like they're already sold out on Puma's website.
yeah these are definitely more comfortable than the Van ones. They sold out so fast. I actually had to use a website called GOAT. Its like a reseller site for shoes. I paid $130 I think for them so a little bit over retail but price varies by your size. Some wanted over $200
I love these. I'm really happy with the Vans pair I have; they're not the most comforatable but I'm more of a hightop kind of guy. I wish I wouldn've known about these earlier. I totally would've bought a pair.
yeah as for comfort these shoes have that going for it. I have two pair of the Vans, a low top and high top one, but never wore them too much

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