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Posted on May 29th 2008 at 04:02:52 AM by (shadowforte)
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So, we are back! Feels good to see the homepage again. So why not start up with a new weekly article, Shadowfortes 100 Best Games of All Time. So I will post 5 a week. Here we go!

100 Sonic The Hedgehog (Genesis, Game Cube)

So, I was never a big Sega fan when I was a kid, because Nintendo ruled my house. I think the first time I played a Genesis was after I got my PS1, so I was a bit behind. One game though that will always stick out will be Sonic. It had something that Mario would never have: Speed. It was fast and had amazing colors and graphics for it's time. And IMO, Genesis had the best controller of that time, so that helped.

99 Phozon (Arcade, PS1)

So many things I could say about this game. The only thing the strikes me as odd though is that everyone I have asked about this game has never played it or only played it on PS1. I can also say that this is one heck of a hard game to play. But the awesome tactful game play and replay value make me keep coming back for more.

98 Burger Time (Arcade, NES, Game Boy)

Burger Time spawned a whole new type of game play for us that played it on the NES. Who thought making burgers by walking over them could be so much fun? With funny, yet hard to fight hot dogs, falling patty's and a little chef, how could you go wrong?

97 Rock Band (360,PS2,PS3,Wii)

What's Rock Band you say? Take the GH games, whip out four friends and Rock Band, and feel like you are on your first world tour. Rock Band steps it up to the next level with one of the best party games of all time, yet it is also a great single player game. With the options to create your band members, play online, and download new tracks each week, this game is a must have.

96 Dig Dug (Arcade, PS1)

Dig Dug is not a game I can just pick up and play. Matter of fact, I need to be in the mood for it. So why is it on my list? Because once you are in the mood to play it, you can't put it down. This game is so much fun, you just can't get enough. I mean, whats better the blowing air into a dragon until it blows up? Priceless.

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Im in the same boat as you, I grew up with nintendo and didn't own or play a Genesis untill right before I got my Wii I think.

Can't wait for next weeks list!
I know of or have played all except Phozon. I looked at a screenshot of Phozon and it doesn't ring a bell. Shocked

I'd love Rock Band but they won't release it for my beloved PS3 in Europe until around the same time as Konami Rock Revolution and Guitar Hero World Tour is out here. So I may go with a rival product. I'll decide nearer the time.

Gotta love Sonic, Dig Dug and Burger Time. I'm having some fun right now getting into Genesis games that I played on other platforms back in the day. Bought loads lately.

I need to find a top 100 SNES games list because I'm thinking of buying one but would not know the best games to get.

Look forward to the next five! Smiley
Thanks. Phozon is a amazing game, and you should go try it out ASAP. I think the Digitpress forums has like a top 250 SNES list, so you could go look there. The SNES is worth buying though, because there are some amazing games on it.
Excellent, thanks Shadowforte! I will check both SNES and Phozon out and look forward to some more games titles from you next time. Cheers!!
Alright well as you guys can tell I have missed 2 weeks. I am in the process of moving so I have no internet right now. I will get a new one up ASAP. Thanks.

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