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Posted on Sep 13th 2007 at 10:36:16 PM by (shadowforte)
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Well hello my fellow collectors. This is my first of many post to come. This is where I will be updating what games I am playing, along with new finds. Lets start this right off.

Games I am playing:

Destroy All Humans! PS2: Fun at first, but after awhile it gets, shall we say, retarded? Right now I am off to get some more DNA so I can move on to my next mission.

Game I have bought this week:

DDRMAX Final 6th Mix PS2 JPN:

- First Import
- First PS2 Import
- First DDR
(These little lines are "first" for me. As in, this is the first time I have own a game like this.)

I was over at my friends house and saw this game. It was disc only, so I left it alone, but after thinking about it, I asked him how much he wanted for it, and he said $3. So I bought it from him and printed off a cover online and now I have it on my self.

Destroy All Humans! PS2:

Got it at the same place I got DDR. He wanted $7 for it, talked him down to $6 (lol).

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