It's a TRAP!

Posted on Feb 6th 2008 at 08:01:53 PM by (shadowforte)
Posted under Theater, Games, Room

Well, I have decided to take the the road towards move watching/game playing bliss. I am going to turn my Game Room/Bed Room into a Home Theater. I will be posting once a month about this adventure and hope to get it finished by this June.

I knew I had to do this yesterday when I was playing Halo 2 on my small 20 Inch TV. I thought to myself "Would it not be awesome to turn this place into a dream theater? Have a big projector screen, great sound, and the smell of popcorn in the air!"

So my journey starts. I will be posting my list of items that I plan to get sometime this week. If anyone has ever built a room like this, or has advice, let me know.


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