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Posted on Dec 19th 2007 at 03:57:05 PM by (shadowforte)
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Well, it's been awhile sense my last post. I do believe that was about my Nintendo Wii. Let me share with you what I have got sense then.


Final Fantasy Chronicles

*First PS1 Final Fantasy Game

This is a so/so pick up. I got a black label mint for $10, so I am happy I picked itn up just so I can say I have a Final Fantasy in my PS1 collection, but I am not to sure about fun this one is. First, there is the Final Fantasy game (which I can not remember which one it is to save my life right now) that is, how should I say, a little boring to me. I will be waiting for the remake for the DS before I start this little adventure. Chrono Trigger on the other hand is great. I have always found it to be one of my favorite game. On the SNES that is. The loading times on this game a very long, and might get on your nerves very fast.

Well thats it. Ouch, I know. A few weeks without posting and this is what I have to show for it. I should be picking up some more games this Friday, so look for a post there.

The princess is in another castle!~


Posted on Oct 10th 2007 at 03:58:24 PM by (shadowforte)
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Well I sold a lot of my collection. I decided it was time to start over. And, here is what I got:

Nintendo Wii:
*First Wii*
*First console of this gen*

Let me start by saying if you are going to get this system, make sure you have another system with tons of games you like in your set up already. Don't get me wrong, the Wii is awesome, but the lack of games gets to you very fast. I got my home and opened the box, played Wii sports for a while, and while it was fun I wished I had bought a game. Then the next day I went to rent Zelda, and I will say it is awesome. Everyone says it does not feel like a real Zelda, but it's just all the OoT fanboys finding something to wine about. If you have a Wii or GCN, go try this game out. I ten bought Metroid Prime 3 (Coming up later in the post). Now that there is no games I want to play besides Super Paper Mario, I am left with nothing to play. I am looking forward to SMG, Brawl, REUC, and Fire Emblem, but that's it for this year. I can say while I am not upset at my buy, I will be picking up a 360 very soon.

Metroid Prime 3

Well all I can say is this game gets the GotY from me. Great graphs, voice acting, gameplay, ect. Go pick this one up.

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