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Well, due to my huge amount of freedom and crazy sleeping pattern as well as my unusual awesomeness at Contra 4 even though I suck at every other Contra, I wrote a Boss Faq. Uhh, probably no one will read it but I figure I may as well post it here.

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Contra 4 Boss FAQ
(C) Pasiderva (Notyou) 2007
All Rights Reserved

Contra 4 Boss FAQ
(C) Pasiderva (Notyou) 2007
All Rights Reserved

               Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Layout of the Faq
III. Boss Faq
  1.A Tram Car
  1.B Wall
  2.A Snipers
  2.B Alien
  3.A Holograph
  4.A Ship
  4.B Mr. Punchy or Sir Puncho
  5.A Battle Cruiser
  5.B Fish
  6.A Skeleton
  7.A Tank
  7.B Metal Spider
  7.C Running Bug
  8.A Red Falcon's Heart
  9.A Black Viper
  9.B Black Viper True Form
IV. Acknowledgements
V. Legal Stuff

I. Introduction
Contra 4 has been called by many the hardest Contra game next to
Hard Corps. Yeah, this game is hard, there's no two ways around it.
The bosses in this game pose a great deal of challenge to players,
thus causing many deaths. For some reason I never really had too
much trouble with the bosses in this game, or the game for that
matter. Everything in the game has a pattern that can be learned and
manipulated. Utilizing this Faq you will hopefully be able to kill all the
bosses without losing a life. Hope this helps.
*To quickly search for a boss hit control f then input the number dot
and letter next to the boss in the table of contents.

II. Layout of the Faq
The layout of the boss Faq is fairly straightforward. First comes the
section number, who the boss is, the name of the boss (which ispretty
much always unofficial), then the recommended weapon. After that
there is the actual writeup section where a detailed analysis on how to
beat the boss is provided. After that, depending on whether or not the
fight drastically differs depending on what weapon you use, there may
be a 'without recommended weapon' section in which there is a
detailed analysis on how to beat the boss without the recommended

III. Boss Faq

Stage 1 Miniboss
Tram Car
Recommended Weapon- Spreader

This boss is fairly easy. As you approach the boss, walk very slowly
down the slight hill. As you are walking the Tram Car will wizz into
view. Since you approached extremely slowly no enemies will come
at you from the left. Simply aim up and unleash as many bullets as
possible into the thing. The Tram Car moves pretty eratically
however, before it fires it always stops. As soon as it stops make
sure you move out of the way. Other than the actually Tram Car's
attacks, enemies will come from the right. Simply shoot them as they
appear. Furthermore, make sure you do not move onto the break
away ground. Other than that fire up and prepare to dodge the car's

Stage 1 Boss
Recommended Weapon- Spreader/Crash Shot

Another relatively easy boss. As soon as you walk into the boss'
range fire diagnolly up right. You should take out the sniper
behind he manages to fire a shot. If you have the crash shot simply
stay on the ground and fire at the base door on the bottom.
Doing this will take out the base door before it manages to fire a shot.
The wall will begin to rise. Run to the far left of the screen and hold R.
Fire diagnolly up right. You will take out all four snipers before they
manage to fire any shots. Switch to the crash shot and fire to the right
at the bottom door. Once again you should be able to take it out
before it fires a shot. Don't worry about the turrets, as long as you stay
to the left of the screen they can't reach you. Now that the bottom
door is taken out it's time to go after the top core. Wait for the top
core to fire. After it is done firing grapple onto the helicoptor. Fire at the
core with the crash shot and it will go down without firing another shot.

Without Recommended Weapons-
As soon as you walk into the boss' range fire diagnolly up right taking
out the sniper. Jump onto the platform and stay left. The turrets will not
be abe to reach you so simply shoot them and take them out. Wait for
the base door to fire then jump down and fire at the door. Keep firing
until you hear the door make a beep type noise. Jump back up to the
platform to avoid the shot. After the shot jump back down and repeat.
Once the door is gone the wall will begin to rise. As soon as the
helicoptor appears grappe onto it and take out as many snipers as
possible. Drop down onto the platform, not the ground, if a bullet is
headed towards you or the core begins to fire (once again listen for
the beep). When you are on the platform take out the turrets while
waiting for the oportune moment to grapple back onto the helicoptor.
Once the snipers are gone, simply take out the core and
the door with the aformentioned techniques.

Snipers at the top of the waterfall
Recommended Weapon- Spreader/Crash Shot (fully upgraded)

As soon as you get to the top of the waterfall move to the right of the
base door and fire left. You will kill every single enemy that
comes out the door. As soon as the door closes begin firing up with
the spreader. You should take out the first wave of snipers
with ease. As soon as they are gone switch to the crash shot. Platforms
will rise with grenade throwers. Stay under the right platform
and spam the shoot button up. You should take out the right grenade
thrower before he manages to attack. After the right guy is
gone simply move to the left one and take him out. The platforms will
begin to fall. Move to where the right platform was and spam
directly up with the spreader. Black snipers will appear and you will
take out the second sniper from the right before they manage
to fire. After he is taken out immediately run right to avoid the shots.
Jump left over the bullets while firing left then upon landing spam
fire at the far right sniper. You will take him out. Now the bullets are
easy to avoid. Spam fire left at the sniper that you initially spam
fired left at and take him out. The last sniper alive will automatically be

Without Recommended Weapons-
As soon as you get to the top of the waterfall move to the right of the
base door and fire left. You will kill every single enemy that
comes out the door. As soon as the door closes run right and left while
firing diagnolly up right while running right and diagnolly up
left while running left. You should take out the snipers before they fire
a shot. Platforms will begin to rise. Move under the right
platform and spam fire up hitting the right grenade thrower. Both the
grenade throwers will throw an arced grenade that is easy to
dodge by simply moving right or left as they close in. After the grenades
explode go back to shooting the grenade thrower. Wash,
rinse, and repeat until the grenade throwers die. Now run to where
the right platform is and spam fire up. You will hit the second right
sniper. As soon as they begin to fire run right then jump left over the
bullets while firing at the left snipers. Move back under the
second right sniper and continue this tactic until he is dead. Now go
to the second left sniper and use the same technique except
substitute right for left and vice versa. Once that sniper is dead, take
out whichever sniper you choose with ease. The last sniper will
be impaled.

Waterfall Alien
Recommended Weapon- Crash Shot

Extremely easy boss right here. As soon as the battle starts he will
move right and bring down both of his claws. Stay in between the
claws. He will bring up the claws and move them left and slam them
down quickly. Do not try to stay under the claws this time,
instead move right. Now he will come back right with the claws.
Simply stay under the thing's head from here on out. All the while fire
directly up with the crash shot and he will die before even beginning
to do his tail attack. Once his first form is dead he will break the
bridge. Simply stand in the center of the bridge and fire straight up
with the crash shot. The thing will die for good before coming close to
hitting you.

Without Recommended Weapon-
Follow the above strategy up until the enemy doesn't make any effort
to slam down it's claws. Run to the far right of the screen to avoid
it's tail attack. Run back to the center of the screen and spam fire up
at the head. He will begin to fire fireballs from his mouth from the
left side of the screen to the right. As they approach you, quickly
move left under them and continue firing up. The alien will raise the
bridge and fire the fireballs from right to left. Move far left and fire
diagnolly up right at the head. You should manage to kill the first form
before he drops the bridge again. He will then chase you down the
waterfall as the bridge is falling. Fire straight up at the head. He will
continue firing from left to right then right to left as the bridge is moving
up and down. Do not attempt to run under the fire balls unless the
bridge is moving down. Continue firing and it will die.

Recommended Weapon- Crash Shot

Quick battle. The holograph can only be attacked when it is in
one piece. Simply fire at the holograph with the crash shot. Barrels will
come towards you. Duck down and shoot the barrel in front of
you. Proceed to shoot the holograph while it is in one piece. If it
manages to make an orb appear shoot the orb before it can do
it's sweep attack. The holograph will go down before any enemies

Without Recommended Weapon-
At the beginning of the battle shoot the holograph until the
barrels start to come. Duck down and shoot the barrels in front of you.
Continue firing at the holograph. Once it begins firing the orbs
make sure you focus your attack on the orbs. Never have two orbs
on screen at once. Orbs will inevitably sweep down towards you.
Simply jump over them. Enemies will come from the right and left of
the screen. When they do focus your shots on them. If they shoot
at you duck. Proceed to fire at the holograph. Once it takes enough
damage it will move back and forth eratically. Continue shooting at
the holograph, and as before, when the orbs appear focus your
attacks on them. After a while the holograph will go down.

Recommended Weapon- Spreader

Stay on the top platfrom. Move far right, hold R and fire diagnol
down left. As the ship moves further right switch to firing straight
down.You should have taken out a good amount of the cannons.
Now the ship will fire it's lasers. Run right while firing diagnolly
down left at the lasers. As they close in hold the right button to
avoid being hit. The ship will stop completely and on the left side
of the ship a turret will open and begin firing up randomly. Dodge
the bullets and move directly above the turret. Do not move
whatsoever, the turret can not hit you. Fire straight down at the
turret until it blows up. Now the ship will fire it's lasers. Move
directly above the furthest left laser and fire straight down. After
it begins blinking run as far left as possible while firing diagnolly
down right until the lasers close in. Hold the left button until the lasers
stop firing. If there is anything still alive on the ship besides
the lasers now is the time to take them out with ease. The ship will
begin to fire the lasers again but this time from left to right. Use
the same technique to take out the lasers and the ship will go down.

4. B
Mr. Punchy or Sir Puncho (don't question me)
Recommended Weapon- Crash Shot

This is a really weird battle. It can either be unbelievably simply
or hard (talking about hard mode here). At the start of the battle,
stay to the left of the screen. With luck, the enemy will punch
directly down with it's right fist (about 75% of the time). When it
does, move to the left of the fist and fire diagnolly up right at
the arm. It will pull back up the arm and attack again. Now if it is a
punch straight down with the right hand, do the same technique;
however, the enemy may punch with it's right hand  which is off
the screen. If this happens the hand will come in at a 45 degree
angle or so. Try to time your jump so that you manage to jump left
over the edge of the fist just missing getting hit. Once out of harms
way fire at the arm. After a while the left arm should blow up.
Now move to the right side of the screen. The enemy will punch
down and simply use the same technique. Once that hand is blown
up he will move back and forth across the screen firing easy to
dodge missiles. Simply shoot at the enemy's head until it dies.
*During the entire battle the enemy will be firing easy to dodge
missiles. With the spread shot you can just shoot them down.

Battle Cruiser
Recommended Weapon- Any
When the battleship first arives, flying enemies will come out of it.
They will fire homing bullets. While attacking the enemies make
sure you shoot down the homing bullets. A bit into the battle an
automatic screen clear thing will fly across the screen. Shoot it and
get it. Continue killing the bad guys. Once they are all gone the
screen will shift and enemies will come out of the bottom of the ship.
They will fire up at you in a sweeping motion from right to left.
Stay in between the two far right enemies and fire straight down while
gradually moving left. After the first wave dissappears move right
a bit because another wave will come. Continue this technique until
the enemies are gone. Now a black enemy will be on the left end
of the ship while the flying enemies come out again. It's essentially
the same thing as before but now you have to kill the black
enemy in order to progress. Pretty easy.

Recommended Weapon- Spreader/Homing Missiles
The fish will swim across the screen. Follow it to the edge of the
screen. It will reappear and fire a laser that sweeps all the way
across the screen besides directly above it's eye. When it is done
firing the laser continue following above the eye. About halfway
across the screen jump and fire straight down at the eye. After
getting hit the fish will shoot some scales into the air that come out
of the water while swimming quickly off screen. Follow to the
edge of the screen while shooting at and avoiding the scale's shots.
Repeat the technique until the fish dies.

Recommended Weapon- Crash Shot, Machine Gun

Fun battle. During the first form the enemy will fire a row of fire
that sweeps across the screen. First it will sweep right, then left,
then right. Then it repeats. Simply time your jump over the fire.
That's the only attack the enemy has, so just unload on the thing as
you are jumping. After a while the enemy will get pissed and
chase you backwards. Now it will do the exact same attack pattern,
however it is invincible. There are two switches that can be shot,
one to the right of the door and one to the left. When the enemy
finishes it's third fire sweep it will pause. Fire at the switch on the
left as fast as you can (use your machine gun if you haveit), since
the last fire sweep is left to right. The door will close decapitating
the skeleton. If you can't seem to fire fast enough, there is a trick
involving a spoon. Take a spoon and rub it quickly across the fire
button. Weird but it makes you fire faster than you otherwise

Recommended Weapon- Any powerful weapon

Before the fight make sure you take out the black sniper on top of
the building. Once that is done proceed to the fighting area. The
tank will come from the righ side of the screen. It can only be hurt
while firing standing up unless you have the spreader. Knowing this,
stay to the left of the screen and fire directly at the tank. It has two
attacks, a turret shot or grenade shot. The turret shot is quick.
Either duck (recommended) or jump over it. The grenade shot is
slow, jump over it. In between dodges keep firing at the tank. After
a while it will close in on you. Duck to avoid the barrel of the tank.
Once it pulls back continue firing at it. Continue the technique until
the tank goes down.

Metal Spider
Recommended Weapon- Homing Missiles

During the entire fight, fire up at it's head. The spider will crawl back
and forth between the two buildings firing bullets straight down.
Dodge the bullets while continue firing straight up. After a while the
spider will shoot fire at one of the two buildings and move to
the opposite side of the screen. It will then shoot a sweeping laser
toward the building. The fire on the building will fall down. As the
laser approaches the building jump over the last wave of fire onto
the building and climb up to the top of the screen narrowly
avoiding the laser. Once the laser stops firing immediately jump
to the center of the stage and continue attacking the enemy. Repeat
this technique until the spider dies.

Running Bug
Recommended Weapon- Crash Shot

This is my personal favorite boss fight. As soon as you walk into the
area the ground begins to shake. Stand still. Out of the ground
rises a huge bug with you on top of it. Immediately shoot down at
one of the four red circles on the bug. Those are your main
targets for now. As the bug is running it will not attack you, nor
can it hurt you. The only way you can be hurt is by the motorcycle
bad guys at the bottom of the screen. The blue one's fire bullets
at you while the red ones throw grenades. Now, continue blowing
up the four red circles while avoiding the bullets from the motorcycle
guys. If necessary, feel  free to take them out as you see fit.
Anyway, once all four of the red circles are blown up (you don't
need to destroy all four, but it helps), kill every single motorcycle
bad guy. Jump down to the lower section of the bug then jump
onto a motorcycle. Ride right to the head of the bug and unload on
it's head by firing diagnolly up right at the head. Motorcycle enemies
will come past you from the right side of the screen. As they
do, immediately let go of R and fire backwards at them taking them
out before they can fire. The blue guys will go down quickly
but the red guys may throw a grenade. If they do, stop firing and
focus on dodging the grenade. Once the grenade is dodged
kill the grenade thrower. Once the enemies are dead go back to
shooting the head of the bug until it is dead.

Red Falcon's Heart
Recommended Weapon- Crash Shot

Stand in the center of the screen and fire straight forward with
the crash shot. The blast radius will destroy any of the enemy's
that appear. Continue firing until the heart is dead. If you don't
have the crash shot, fire at the heart. Turret type things will
come out of the ground every now and then. When they fire
just jump over the shot. Continue shooting the heart until it is

Black Viper
Recommended Weapon- Crash Shot

Before the fight begins move to the far right of the screen. Spam
fire left. If you have the upgraded crash shot or the laser
he dies before having a chance to attack you. Once the thing
turns gigantic fire straight up at it's anus or whatever until it dies.

Black Viper True Form
Recommended Weapon- Crash Shot/Spreader

Destroy the eyes. Don't go out of your way to destroy them
but if you can it gives you an extra life. Now stand under either
of the snake holes (where the long tentacle type snakes come
out). And wait for the snakes to come out. There are four
patterns they follow;
                 1. The right snake will come down to above the to
bottom screen and go left while the left snake goes
all the way to the ground and goes right. If this happes head
to the right side of the screen and fire left at the snake.
                 2. The opposite
                 3. The snakes will come down then make an inward
motion then twist out. Looks a bit like this )(. If that
happens stay in the middle and fire at either snake.
                 4. The snakes will both go straight down to the second
screen then curve up in the middle of the bottom
screen. When this happens a grapple point appears on the chin of
Black Viper. Grapple it and fire straight down at the
Memorize those patterns and be prepared to move. Once one
of the snakes dies a grapple point will appear at the snake
hole. Grapple onto it and fire at the brain of Black Viper until the
grapple point disappears. Now stand directly in the
center of the screen and fire straight up. The brain has 3 attack
                 1. The brain will come down from the center of the
screen and unleash some orbs that move very slowly then
fly in at you real fast. Avoid the brain while firing the spreader at
both the brain and the orbs. After enough hits the brain will
                 2. The brain will come down from the center screen
and unleash four mini brains at a time which will fly across
the screen either horizontally or vertically. Move to the left of
the screen avoiding the brain while firing at it and jump over
and mini brains that fly past you. After enough hits the brain
will disappear.
                 3.The brain will swoop in from the top left while
spewing four mini brains at you. As soon as you notic it is doing
this run to the far right, hold R and fire your spreader diagnolly
up left. You should kill two mini brains right away. The other
two can be taken down with ease.
Black Viper will reappear and follow the same attack patterns.
Use the same techniques and after a while Black Viper will die.
Congrats, you beat Contra 4!

IV. Acknowledgements
Thanks to Konami and Wayforward for making this game, the
Super Metroid board on gamefaqs for keeping my interest in
gamefaqs (otherwise I wouldn't care to write this faq), uhh me
for beating the game, the Contra 4 board on gamefaqs for
being full of a bunch of awesome people, MEGAMUR for his
amazing Contra record which made me strive to be
better than him in Contra 4 (he doesn't know this or know
who I am), gamefaqs for hosting this, SailorBacon for running
gamefaqs, CjayC for startying gamefaqs, and anyone or
anything I may be forgetting.
If I seem to be missing something from the faq or you have
something to add email me at

V. Legal Stuff
This Faq is copyright me, Pasiderva. Don't copy, steal this,
change this, claim it as your own or any other illegal crap that
you may be tempted to do.

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I linked this FAQ to the gamepage. Nice work. Well written and detailed. Smiley
Thanks for the input. I'll be getting around to writing a review for the game by Sunday.

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