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Posted on Jun 15th 2008 at 11:12:12 PM by (Silent Scythe)
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There's no intro needed I guess, here's part 2 of my Video game card collection.
Not too much to say about these. They were E-reader cards that were used with the GBA port of Super Mario 3. I got them for free so I decided to throw them in. Just seeing the sprites again brings back fond memories.
From Artbox is the Megaman Anniversary Card set. I loved Megaman since I was little so I had to hunt these down. They feature some pretty neat artwork and cover everything from the original series to the Zero series. After buying about 120 packs of these (thankfully I found a good deal) I almost have the complete collection of these I just need the Bass & Treble Holo card. Maybe one day I'll find it.
And finally the only Japanese cards in my collection features one of my favorite RPG series, the Tales of series. Some of the games featured are Destiny, Symphonia, Abyss, Eternia(or Destiny 2 here in the states) Phantasia and Lagaendia. I have a lot of the major character, save for Raine and Kratos from Tales of Symphonia. I like the art and design of these also, I wish they would translate these in to English, I'm curious of how to play this game.

Well that's it for now If I decide to do this again I might show off some of the video game figures that crowd up my room. But for now thanks again for reading.

Posted on Jun 11th 2008 at 06:08:25 PM by (Silent Scythe)
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I've been meaning to write another blog for a while now so I've decided to write about some of the other video game stuff I've collected over the years. Since I was younger I loved card games. Starting with Poke'mon I moved to DBZ,  then Yu-Gi-Oh, then to dot//HACK, and last Magic The Gathering. I was a senior in High School when I decided to quit playing/collecting and sold all my cards. This eventually lead to me collecting Video game but that's a different story. Anyways my love of collecting cards never really faded and after a friend from work gave me a bunch of Nintendo Power Super Power Club cards I decided to collect Video game cards.
The first few pages are filled with the scratch off/ sticker cards from Nintendo's Game Packs made by Topps. I wish I knew about these when I was younger. These are almost 20 years old so the stickers don't stick well and the scratch off material have kinda set in. The stickers have little tips that cover the 6 games the cards depict: Super Mario Bro., Super Mario Bros. 2, The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, Punch Out! and Double Dragon. I managed to buy a whole display bow of these with the box but sadly it has a big black X on it. This is the only Complete set I have in this binder, Im lucky I guess to get them all in one box.
Next is the Nintendo Power cards. For a time in Nintendo Power printed these cards and put 6 of them in issues for fan of the magazine to collect and trade. They featured Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Gameboy games. On the back of each is a description  of each game and 3 challenges for Novice, Intermediate and Pro players. There are a lot of these to my understanding and I'm just happy to have some of my favorites like Final Fantasy 3, illusion of Gaia, Soul Blazer and Super Metroid. Not pictured, but I also have a few non Power Club Cards from Nintendo Power, a set of Mortal Kombat 3 cards and Mega Man X2 Cards featuring the Robot Masters.
After all this is the UFS Series. These are actually Card Game cards. The UFS series covered a few different Fighting franchises including DarkStalkers, Street Fighter and my all time favorite Soul Calibur. I really enjoy the artwork of these and it kind of makes me want to pick it up and find someone else to play with. I have a few different copies of my favorite characters and 3 starter decks. Most of them are Soul Calibur except for a few Chun-Li cards in back.

That's it for now, I have more to show you all but it'll have to wait. Thanks for reading!

Posted on Jan 3rd 2008 at 03:36:36 PM by (Silent Scythe)
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I managed to go out shopping late last week. I got a gift card for gamestop and one for Best Buy and I was hoping to spend them. Sadly I couldn't find any games I wanted except I did pick up Tales of Legendia. But then we went to Games N' Go. A nice little (although slightly overpriced) game store. I always love going there because a majority of what they sell is the older retro stuff. That's where I spent a good chunk of money. I decided to pick up, a favorite of my when I was younger, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom for the NES. I had to be 5 or 6 when I played it last, needless to saw it brought back some good memories. I also bought Dragon Warrior 1&2 for the GBC. I've been working on the first one and I find it more enjoyable so far on the Gameboy. I'm not quite sure why that is, maybe just because its portable and if I'm feeling lazy I can just start it up without much effort. The 2 wallet breakers I picked up were the Blue Slime Controller for my PS2 (who is happily sitting next to my other video game collectibles on top of my cabinet). And a complete Knuckles Chaotix for the 32X, *sigh* now I just need to wait for my 32X to come in the mail.

New Years was all right, I had to work but I got the night after off and I spent it with my Fiance'. She was pretty happy cause she beat Atellier Iris that night. Sadly after a scene in the end the screen just went black. Damn game! On Sunday we also beat Tales of Destiny together which was great. Stahn and Rutee is one of her new favorite V.G. couples now. So next time shes not busy we're gonna start Secrets of Mana together.

Yesterday I was looking through my CD wallet where I keep my loose PS games and memory cards and I realised I hadn't added them to my collection. I mentally kicked myself and quickly added them. How in the world could could I forget them?

So for now I think I'm just gonna keep hammering away at StarTropics and Dragon Warrior. No rest for gamers I guess lol.

Posted on Dec 26th 2007 at 08:14:53 PM by (Silent Scythe)
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Now playing: Let it be-The Beatles (yeah I like older music too).   

    So now that the Christmas family events are over I guess I can take some time to write in this. So in Minneapolis Minnesota right now its snowing kinda bad right now. I get 2 days off from work and it has to snow 85% percent of the time, that's the weather for you I guess.

    So I've spent most of my time today on ebay, after all now that the holidays are almost over its time to spend a little money on me. But I was kinda shocked at few things I looked up. I didn't realise that River City Ransom EX and Double Dragon Advance were gonna be so hard to find. I manage to find the box and manual and hopefully will find the game when I'm out shopping later this week(gotta spend those giftcards sometime). Also when did tales of Symphonia become so rare? There only a handful on ebay and I can never find one in the case and all at gamestop. I really I wish mine hadn't "disappeared".

     So I've decided to save the rest of Robotrek for the next gaming drought and work on StarTropics and Lunar:Sliver Star saga for a while. Don't get me wrong, IMO Robotrek is a great game with nice little features here and there but its just not doing it for me right now. StarTropics is pretty awesome so far. Its a lot like Zelda but with some features taken and others added. I manage to buy it back in November complete and unopened. One reason I bought the game was because of the letter from you uncle you get with it. You had to wipe part of it with a damp cloth to make some invisible ink appear which told you a pass code you need to move forward in the game. I LOVE when they throw in extra stuff like that in with games. Sadly I don't know of many game companies that do that anymore. Working Designs did but sadly they are no longer around Sad Also I've been playing the fan-made Flash Portal (I think that's the name) its the closest I can get until I get a PS3.

Hmmm I wonder if anyone who reads this can name all the characters on the top of my page, extra points to you if you can.

Posted on Dec 20th 2007 at 12:04:29 AM by (Silent Scythe)
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    Well I updated the look of my blog and added a description. Im gonna add a few more of my favorite characters to the top but this will do for now. I guess I never introduced myself really so I will here. My name is Jon and I was born and raised here in Minneapolis MN. I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember. I still have my orginal NES and SNES from when I was little. As a matter of fact the only systems I've ever had to replace was a PS2 (darn disc tray) and a Gameboy SP (stolen, which I actully replaced with a DS lite). I believe heavly that gaming should be taken more seriously by the general public. In other words if they wanna pass a law that makes it so you can't but GTA unless your 30, you better do the same with movies and such. But we all know that wouldn't happen so how about just leaving our games alone!

     If you look at my collection and wishlist you'll see that my favorite genre of game would probably be RPGs. Although I have games in almost all genres I'm fond of. I've been collecting for about a year and a half now. It all started when my Girlfriend showed me this little shop that sold a lot neat retro video games. Since then I've been researching some of these great games I've never knew about. Unfortuntly I know have a bit of a Ebay addiction but I'm working on it.

Speaking of Ebay I found a Mother 3 Deluxe set on it recently.  If I had an extra $200 that Franklin Badge and gameboy Micro would be mine!!!

Well I think thats it for now. I'm gonna try and write in this every day off I get so hopefully 1-2 times a week. Thanks for reading!

Posted on Dec 7th 2007 at 03:06:02 PM by (Silent Scythe)
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Well with a lot of people jumping off of Gamespot I guess I'll keep a blog here instead.

So has your gaming collection ever grown a bit too quickly and you haven't got a chance to play some of them? Thats what I'm dealing with today. I've just beaten Tales of Phantasia and I'm almost done with Soul Calibur Legends. Im half way done with Tales of Destiny but I can only play that when my Fiance' is over. (she wants to keep up with the story and she controls Rutee) So now I have to choose between: Arc the Lad, Secret of Mana, Lunar, and Robotrek.

I'll sleep on it for now, it was a long night at work and I need a few Z's.
My next blog will be better I promise! P.S: If anyone reads this and can suggest a game I'll be very grateful!

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