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Posted on Feb 10th 2011 at 07:14:35 AM by (slackur)
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Although Adam and I (hi Adam!) have kept the podcast going, I've not written on the site lately because, as the tag mentions, we got a new HOUSE!  (er, 'we' as in 'family.'  I don't live with Adam.  Nice guy and all, but if we combined our collection together, the ensuing black hole would likely pull all remaining game related items into our abode, and that would not only suck for every other collector, but I just don't have the shelving for that.) 

Still some things that could happen in the meantime (as the deal on the last house we were shooting for proved) but everything has been very smooth sailing so far, praise God.  Inspection passed with flying colors, and we're setting up the mortgage the same as the last one that we were approved for, so everything is set so far.  We should be closing in April, and then construction on my final, ultimate, dream room-o-doom (more like entire finished basement...o-doom) will commence. 

Before I take down my current Room-o-Doom v.3.2, I'll probably snap some pics just to show how ridiculous it looks to house 6K+ games in a relatively small living area.

Anyway, if you're the type, please pray this shindig all goes as planned, or I may just have to sell it all off and take up a less space-intensive hobby.  Like, say, aircraft carrier collecting.

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