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Posted on Feb 10th 2011 at 07:14:35 AM by (slackur)
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Although Adam and I (hi Adam!) have kept the podcast going, I've not written on the site lately because, as the tag mentions, we got a new HOUSE!  (er, 'we' as in 'family.'  I don't live with Adam.  Nice guy and all, but if we combined our collection together, the ensuing black hole would likely pull all remaining game related items into our abode, and that would not only suck for every other collector, but I just don't have the shelving for that.) 

Still some things that could happen in the meantime (as the deal on the last house we were shooting for proved) but everything has been very smooth sailing so far, praise God.  Inspection passed with flying colors, and we're setting up the mortgage the same as the last one that we were approved for, so everything is set so far.  We should be closing in April, and then construction on my final, ultimate, dream room-o-doom (more like entire finished basement...o-doom) will commence. 

Before I take down my current Room-o-Doom v.3.2, I'll probably snap some pics just to show how ridiculous it looks to house 6K+ games in a relatively small living area.

Anyway, if you're the type, please pray this shindig all goes as planned, or I may just have to sell it all off and take up a less space-intensive hobby.  Like, say, aircraft carrier collecting.

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I know I haven't been around much in the past year or so, but I wanted to say "Congratulations!"  I just read through your previous house post, and I'm really glad things are now working out for you.  I can't wait to see those pictures, especially with that incredible collection of yours.
That is awesome news!! Its a very exciting experience. Hope everything goes well for your family this time around. Keep us updated as you learn more about it.
That's great news man.  Also looking forward to seeing the new game room develop in your place, should be interesting with your huge collection. I actually just accepted an offer on my current home yesterday and am gearing up to move into a place and build my game room.
Congratulations on the house. Although I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed, when I first read the title I thought it said "horse" instead of "house". But I guess a house will be more practical in today's world.

How far will you be moving? I can't imagine its going to be easy moving a collection the size of yours.
Thanks, guys!

@singlebanana: Congrats on the sale, dude!  I hear it can be tough to sell a house right now, so I'm happy yours sold.  Hope our respective transitions go well.

@NES_Rules:  I'm not saying I DIDN'T get a horse, just that I got a house to go or not go with potentially suggested equine.  Can you tell I've had to read a ton of lawyer double speak lately? Wink
@NES_Rules: It's about 25 minutes away, and a bit into the country.  Gonna rent a moving truck and hire a few Cho Aniki dudes (whom will be wearing gloves and of which I will stay the required 59 feet away from) to empty my own home and the two other basements in which I house my material possessions.

Congrats slackur. Yours is going better than mine, at least...

Just got my paperwork back on my loan consolidation, telling me they cancelled it because they were missing some required paperwork. Apparently, I was supposed to call in on my status to figure this out when I was monitoring their website instead (which never told me anything). They also just changed the government loan I was applying for (of which I no longer qualify because I make too much $), so now I have to come up with $6k down instead of it being paid for.

When I finally get my place, first thing I'm doing is knocking down a wall and making half of the upstairs floor my room Smiley
Gratz slackur!
@Shadow Kisuragi: Wow, sir, that's a shame.  My condolences.  I know the frustration of losing out because of no-one informing you of some somewhat arbitrary measure .  Hope you get something soon!
The house is literally just sitting there waiting for me to consolidate my school loans...just need to come up with the $6k down and get the paperwork processed and its mine.
Congrats on the house.
Congrats J!  It has been a long, hard road and I am happy to see that it has finally paid off for you and your family!!
Congratulations! I don't envy the moving part for you though.

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