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Posted on Nov 29th 2011 at 03:30:59 AM by (Shadow Wraith)
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I love getting bargains on the games I purchase and nothing is music to my ears quite like "Buy 2, Get 1 Free". I can spend hours sifting through the titles they have in the store and working out the way to get the most bang for my buck. However, there are several issues that drive me up a wall.

First, the stickers. I understand you have to place them on the item so that we know what the price is. But seriously, do these stickers have to be made of a substance that no human can remove? And do we really need three different stickers in three different locations on the case? I have tried everything short of dark magic and when I do actually get the substance off, it usually causes some sort of damage to the case.

Second, the game switch. When I go through the games, I make sure to find the one with the best case, in the best shape and that it contains an instruction manual, also in the best condition possible. I bring my purchases up to the counter and what does the associate do? He pulls the old case switch and tosses one out that they are holding in the drawers. Why do you have ones in the drawers anyway? You had about 20 copies of the game out on the floor. Were these special cases? Nope, they were in worse shape than the one I picked out and didn't have a manual.

Third, portable games. I don't think this is an issue in every store, but it was in the store I was in this weekend. The DS and 3DS games were all loose. I had to ask an associate to even see the used 3DS games. I questioned them as to why they were tucked away behind the counter. He informed me that they didn't have cases and there were so few that they just held them back there. He further informed me that even when they do get cases, they toss them so that all the games look the same when they put them in that portable display case they have.

So basically, you need to speak to an associate to even get a glimpse at the used 3DS games. The second part however is unforgivable. You seriously throw out the cases? What the hell is wrong with you?! I could understand if you kept them in the drawers until someone makes a purchase (though it would still annoy me). But you threw them out?!

I want three simple things when I get a used game. I want it to play, have a case and a manual, and not look like it was mauled by a bear. Is this really so hard?

Apparently it is!

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