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Texas hold em is one of the most popular and exciting poker games available. Learning how to play the game is not only easy but fun. The first thing you need to do when starting a new game of Texas hold em is to space out each player to ensure there is enough elbow space for each player to play comfortably. Ideally, this space should preferably be enough for a player to place his drink or grub.

Getting Started
Start by shuffling the deck and place two of the decks aside to be used later. Also have with you buttons to show who is the dealer, the Big blind and, the Little blind. The two players forced to bet are known as the Big Blind and the Little blind. Just before you start the game two players must be chosen as the Big blind and the Little blind. In a mandatory 2/4 game the Little blind will be forced to bet $2 while the Big blind bets $4. In both cases the dollars are fake, often fake money chips.

The game starts when the Little blind and the Big blind have placed their casino mate online casino bets. Starting with the player on the left, the dealer passes two cards face down to the two players. He then deals himself two cards if he is also playing. After dealing everyone their cards, one more card is placed in front of each player lying face down. The game is now underway.

First Round of Betting
In the first round the players make a match, fold or raise the Big blinds bet. Betting starts from the left hand of the Big blind. If a players cards are good, they stay and match by adding $4 for a 2/4 blind. However, if the players cards are really good they can raise the stakes and bet more than $4. You can, however, make this bet as a bluff depending on your game strategy. When it is the Little blinds turn he either matches the highest bet on the table or folds. If he folds he loses his $2.

After all bets have been placed the dealer makes a flop and deals three cards, face down, and places them on the table. When the players have viewed their cards, they have the option of using the cards or not. However, they can not pick up other cards because these cards will be used to determine the winner.

Subsequent Rounds of Betting
Another round of betting starts with the player on the left of the dealer after the flop is made. A turn is then made where a fourth card is turned over next to the flop. The players can use this card without picking it as another round of betting starts. The fifth and last card known as The River is finally turned by the dealer and yet another round of betting ensues.

When all the players have completed their bets they all show their cards. If two players are still in the run, they reveal their card to determine the player with the better hand, with reference to the 5 cards on the table and the 2 combination in their hand. The winner takes all the chips on the table. The whole process is repeated until the overall winner takes all the chips or the time limit expires.

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