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Posted on Jul 29th 2012 at 05:02:56 AM by (Tadpole13)
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The great video game crash of NOW!!!

I love collecting as much as everyone on this site,  but a trend is happening that is scary.

          As each new generation of gamer's is born a previous generation of games are forgotten.  I was born in 1987 and I owned a Atari and a Nintendo when I was a kid but I am most familur with the Super Nintendo til what is out currently.  When I collect I really enjoy picking up new titles for snes and N64 and what not.  I do still pick up games for my atari and Nintendo but it is never a top priority.  I have been using the price chart http://videogames.pricecharting.com to keep track of value on games and stuff and I have noticed a trend of Atari games being pretty much worthless now Nintendo games slowly dropping and super Nintendo is on top right now.

          I feel as each new generation of collectors come out there main priority is going to be there childhood,  whether it was PS1 or PS2, each of the previous consoles will slowly fall in value and there will be the other breed of collectors that will be able to pick from the rubble.  Super Nintendo games are at a all time high right now as far as I know and it completely makes sense, all of the generation from late 80's early 90's that really grew up on that system are old enough to have jobs and have the cash flow to do so.  Give it another 10 years alot of those gamers will be moving on due to marriage or trying to buy a house or whatever the case,  the generation that played those games will slowly move on and the next generation wont care as much because it was not there child hood.

How do you guys feel on this Topic?  Am I dead wrong or am I on to something. 

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To quote someone here on RFGeneration:

"I like to think we are in a period where younger people are discovering the roots of console gaming, and thus are snapping up older stuff like candy.  Even CIB Odyssey^2 machines with a few games are selling for $40-$200 (which is ridiculous).  I would rather hope for that than the same old collectors buying up old stock to increase prices."

Personally, I agree with this. From what I've seen, younger gamers actually are discovering the roots of gaming. While I will admit that you make a valid point, I don't think consoles like the 2600, NES, or others are going down anytime soon. Smiley
I'm under the impression that NES collection is at an all time high right now. Granted I've only been watching the uncommon side of things, but there a tons of items sky rocketing in value right now.

I'm not to worried if prices crash though. Just means I can afford to grab more stuff!
Great article and great controversy.  I like. Smiley

Agreeing with Redd I'd like to add my own personal philosophy:  Video gaming, like most forms of entertainment (and life) runs in a circle.  At any time, any gamer will become exposed to retro games in one form or another.  It is inevitable.  The Internet means that everyone can now have a voice and that voice has spoken: Everything now has to live forever.  No longer can things stagnate and die, like in the old days.  Now Nintendo and Square Enix will sell us the same games over and over ad nauseum.

I wouldn't worry too much about market stagnation of old games.  See, retro games are relative, meaning that different gamers have different outlooks on what is retro.  For example, I get retro tingles from everything from 1977 up until the beginning of the sixth generation (Gamecube, Dreamcast, PS2, and Xbox).  Crabmaster2000 will tell you different, as will ReddMcKnight.  In twenty years my son will likely look back in nostalgia at NES, SNES, PC, and Lego games, because that is what he is being raised on.  There will always be a market for old games and those that seek them, whether it be for gaming, collecting, or both.

As for the Atari games, they've been the same prices for twenty-plus years now.  I'm confident that in ten years when I want to buy Blueprint for 2600 it will still be ~$2 on ebay.

All in all, good topic Tadpole13.  I hope to read more from you soon.  Oh, and welcome to RFG Tongue
Thanks for the feed back guys.  We can only hope that 10 years from now the value of games is still the same or higher.  As for games being the same prices,  I had a huge wake up call once I started using that sight i mentioned.  The have graphs on how much stuff changes in price,  some not by much but others with alot.  Thanks for the welcome to RFG,  this is a great site and I have been using it for about a year now.  Just rarely do blogs.  this one is my 4th blog over the past year.  I have some other topics I would like to write about but I am gonna hold onto them for a bit.
Tadpole's been here for a while, and recently moved to Italy. I'm surprised that a lot of people are taking up my suggestion of using VGPC, but it's nice to see everyone using it as a tool and not a pricing guide.

As for the Odyssey market, much of it is people cornering the market for it. If you try to buy a pre-Odyssey^2, you're going to have to pay a premium, as the people selling them on eBay buy up any cheap consoles immediately, mark them up, and put them up for auction. I don't see this happening with the Atari 2600, as most of those games are dirt cheap and will continue to be dirt cheap, but some of the harder to find equipment will keep rising in price just due to the supply dwindling as the years go on.
Yea,  there are always going to be those stand out titles that are going to hold there value which is great.  Some games thoe I wish I knew what or why there value is the way it is.  I own a game called Castle of deceit for Nintendo and I have no clue where i got it but it holds it value at about 60 dollars.  I hate when you don't have the answer on what drove the value to where it is.  Its cool that you remembered I moved to Italy.  I am defiantly seeing alot of cool stuff here but my collecting is hurting.  no flea markets good wills or thrift store shopping for me unfortunately.

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