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When does collecting become hording?

I hate using the word Collecting and Hording in the same sentence it is almost a slap in the face to collectors.

When out on the hunt most collectors including my self will buy a game they already own if the value is there and the price is right.  I currently have well over a 100 duplicates when it comes to games and I hate the idea of getting rid of any of them.  When you can't seem to part with games you have multiples of is that a branch of hording???

I think I would be willing to part with duplicates if it was a even trade for another game of equal value but for me to sell a game it does not happen.  More or less money comes and goes and I hate the idea of selling a game and then using the money for dinner or gas or something.  Now you are down a game and you are without that money.  I just find it better to hold onto it so I don't regret my decisions later.

So Question's of the Day.....
1. When do you feel like it is hording if you feel that way.
2. Do you feel regret when parting with Video Games and Video Game related stuff.
3. Have any of you thought of selling of your collection to moments later realizing that it could cause severe regret or depression.
4. Have any of you went through with selling off your collection or a part of it to immediately buy stuff in it's place because of remorse?

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That's a good question and one that I believe has certain degrees.  I believe all of us are pretty much guilty of "hoarding" to some extent.  I would consider "hoarding" to be collecting without a purpose.  All too often in life, we find ourselves doing things without a purpose; as in collecting, just like life, it's important to have goals and a purpose toward those goals. 

I use to find myself picking up anything seemingly video game related (plug-ins, handhelds, etc.), but only picked them up because I didn't want anyone else getting a "deal," as opposed to getting something that I would actually play.  I'm not chastising anyone for collecting these types of games, I'm just saying that they had no purpose for me, because I was not making use of them.  I decided to narrow my collecting a bit and focus on my NES (main focus), Atari, and SMS collections, while also grabbing favorites for other systems that I liked to play.  This has really helped me not only save money, but keep my game room more organized and it gives me a better feeling about what I have.  Granted, I still pick up the random stray title or duplicate, but now I mainly sell those games and systems to earn money to enhance my focused collections.

I will be first to admit that I have systems like the Jaguar, N64, DC, and 3DO that I hardly ever play and keep in my collection as a sort of homage to gaming and to make my systems shelf more impressive to guests.  Is that hoarding?  Well yeah, again, I'm guilty.  However, in the past few months I have decided to trim the games for these systems and put it toward the more nostalgic systems I enjoy most.

I've never felt regret or remorse for selling off anything in my collection after I had realized that I was a collector.  There are some games I departed with from my childhood that I wish I still had, but other than that, I'm fine.

Advice:  If you have duplicates, you should probably sell them off.  There's really no point in having more than one game.  Think of it as a way to help others who enjoy the hobby have something that is also of value to them.  It might make you feel better to sell your duplicates on sites such as rfgen or similar collector sites, so that you know the games/systems are going somewhere where they will be appreciated.   
I have a bit of the hoarder in me. It's likely not as bad as others because I only buy games and accessories that I think I'd enjoy playing-- or will resell for a good profit-- so I don't collect without a purpose, like Nanners stated in his response. None the less, some times procrastination sets in, and I end up building up an unwieldy stack of stuff I fully intended to try out, and (hopefully) enjoy, but just hadn't gotten around to it.

Lately, however, due to tight personal finances and the local thrifts not having much in the way of bargains anymore, my collecting jones has markedly diminished. Which is good in a sense, 'cuz it gives me some time to go through my collection, and assess what I really want to keep. It also gives me the opportunity to go through that aforementioned "intend-to-play" pile.

I rarely ever have the same problem with items I buy with intent to resell-- I clean 'em up, test 'em out, and put 'em up for sale in less than a couple days.


I use to find myself picking up anything seemingly video game related (plug-ins, handhelds, etc.), but only picked them up because I didn't want anyone else getting a "deal," as opposed to getting something that I would actually play.

What the-- you'd buy things to keep other people from getting a good deal?

that's just... ummm... wow.

I'm speechless...

A definition of hoarding:

"Hoarding is a general term for a behavior that leads people or animals to accumulate food or other items during periods of scarcity."

Hoarding can simply mean having any item you are not using this very moment.

Every one of us who owns any game we are not playing right now is a hoarder.

I think we all know the point here is, "is your collecting having some, more then small, negative impact on your (or someone else's) life?"

For most of this summer I've been tooling around with the idea of writing a series of blogs on the subject of money and collecting. The last couple of weeks I've been thinking about actually getting down to it. Bringing up the hoarding topic gets me thinking about it more....

We all need to balance our time and activities. What is game collecting in short? Fun. It's entertainment. Is "fun" okay? Yes, sometimes "fun" is the the only reason to do something. But like anything we each need to know what our limits are.

There used to be an ad on the radio selling some vitamin. Their claim was their vitamin had 300 times more of the active ingredient then a competitors. It got me thinking, "when is 300 times more of anything good for you?" Is drinking a gallon of water per day good for you? Sure. Is drinking 300 gallons of water a day good for you?

We all have different demands on our money, time, and abilities. Knowing what is good for you, is, well, good for you.

Oh, and by the way, I now have umpteen copies of SMB/DH for sale Tongue
I love this subject.  I think even reintroducing it into the forums would be an excellent idea for further discussion.

I think nupoile hit the nail right on the head.  For the most part people who either watch or know of reality television have a very specific visual idea of what a hoarder is, that being a person who buys enormous loads of crap and eventually ends up sleeping on some of it because their problem has eaten up all the space in their home.  Now most of us have a very neat or at least partially organized space for out hobby, so we can't even identify with a person that is tragically depicted on television, surfing over mounds of newspaper and aluminum Christmas trees just so they can take a piss or get a bowl of cereal.  Just like the man said, we are all hoarders to a certain degree. 

That being said, I don't think there is any shame in calling myself a video game hoarder.  Sure, there are some nasty collecting habits I could stand to loose, but for the most part I am able to call my collection what it really is: a collection, not an investment (or some other stupid crap like that).  I'll never put my kids through college with the proceeds from the sales of the items, but instead maybe at some point I can give these games to my kids, who will in turn pass on their own memories with the games to their kids and grandkids.  Who knows, maybe at some point my CIB copies of Baldur's Gate and Quest for the Rings could become family heirlooms.  Now that is a thought only a slightly delusional collector/hoarder could have, but I am proud to call myself just that. 
1. When do you feel like it is hording if you feel that way.

I don't consider it hoarding if I'm:

A. Picking it up for my collection - (Sealed vs non sealed, variant etc)
B. Picking it up for someone else
C. Picking it up to sell

If I am buying it so another collector can't have it, or just for the hell of it I consider it hoarding.

I try to keep everything in one room. If It doesn't fit in the room, I don't need it.

2. Do you feel regret when parting with Video Games and Video Game related stuff.

I felt regret for selling my original NES games, but what's done is done.

3. Have any of you thought of selling of your collection to moments later realizing that it could cause severe regret or depression.

Just like every collector I've thought about selling my collection at one point or another, but I keep it around. There is something about using the original hardware. (Especially when it is the Famicom) I've tried to balance out how my gaming budget is spent by using Gamefly, and the local library for most current gen games.

4. Have any of you went through with selling off your collection or a part of it to immediately buy stuff in it's place because of remorse?

@Zagnorch:  Wow, yeah that came out poorly.  What I meant to say was I just hated leaving a "deal" behind.  I have this thing about classic games getting a good home.

So I came really close to making a quick comment this morning before work but I did not want to rush a comment with all the great responces from everyone.

I was at a point where I was picking up alot of random stuff I do not need as well.  I have cut back alot.  About the dublicates.  I think I would be willing to trade to people for stuff of equal value. which would be nice.

I am in the same boat.  Not necessarily money wise but finding stuff to buy.  I live out of country now so collecting is almost at a halt.  I did a blog about online shopping a few months ago but I have still not brought my self to buy any games online.  Glad to say I am over 1600 games with my duplicates without purchasing any of it online.

Three things.
1. That is defiantly a interesting way to look at it.  How you think having one game not doing anything is a sense of hording.  But it makes sense.
2. That is alot of water.  I am hurting thinking about it.
3. What is SMB/DH?

Having a nice collection and having it organized is key to happyiness with my collection.  Presentation is a huge impact on wanting to get more.  I have tons of stuff packed away as well because I like having alot of stuff but I also like the feeling of it not feeling cluttered.  The thought of your kids now or future kids loving your hobby as much as you do is awesome.  Hopefully that works lol.

I completely agree about having the original hardware around.  I hate when people try to tell me collecting video games or having the stuff in general is stupid due to the fact that you can download roms and emulaters. 

As the comments are already getting long I won't add too much on this part but just generally say, I really like the blog post and all the comments here. Good thoughts everyone.

1. That is defiantly a interesting way to look at it.  How do you think having one game not doing anything is a sense of hording.

I was trying to help clarify our definition of hording. Although I haven't seen those reality TV shows on hording, through descriptions I get what they are about. I think most people probably think of these shows first when the word hording comes up. But the word hording simply means having something you don't need right now. Those shows are a Hollywoodized version of Compulsive or pathological hoarding. Just because we are fitting into the dictionary's definition of hording doesn't imply any negative meaning.

2. That is a lot of water.  I am hurting thinking about it.

Good. Don't drink that much. It's not good for you. Smiley

3. What is SMB/DH?

Sorry about that. SMB/DH is shorthand for the NES game Super Mario Bros/ Duck Hunt. I think everyone who collects NES games ends up with at least a couple. They are super common and not worth much.
Oh ok lol.  I actually own 4 copies of that game and 1 copy of mario by its self without duck hunt and one with the track and field game attached.  Your right about that.  Everyone should own atleast one copy.
nupoile's example of one unused game makes someone a hoarder under the strictest of definitions makes sense, but at the same time i disagree. literally every person on the planet, down to even the poorest, probably has at least one small thing that they never (or rarely) use. if that's all it takes to be a hoarder then the word is essentially meaningless when it describes everyone. there are many things that aren't meant to be "used" at all. what about art?

even if a game goes unplayed, i don't feel that it's hoarding as long as you feel it has a place in your collection. if it has a purpose, whether it be a part of a whole (going for a complete system set), something you enjoy playing, or even just something you enjoy looking at and knowing you have, then that's ok in my books. if it doesn't have a place in your collection, well, that's why people occasionally audit their collections, and it's something everyone should do at least once every year or 2.

all that being said, this has inspired me to audit my collection and focus much more strictly on finishing my n64 set. it's my only goal (beyond getting all zelda games) in collecting, and yet i only rarely buy anything for it.
I think ive been on both ends of this . Collector then a hoarder and now back to collecting.
I started off with my atari 8 bit and my SNES. before long I found myself with 1000s of games over 33 systems and knowing well that I would never be able to play them all. I think it broke down to like 1  game a day would take me like 5 or 6 years to get back to the first game. Used to have doubles triples etc. I dont want to take away from those who have collections that big that can still enjoy them at that size. I personally wasnt. Games under the bed on shelves in boxes. If you cant enjoy something its hoardering in my book. 

Anywho at some point it got way too overwhelming and I sold off 95%+ of it. I just stuck to the A8 stuff since it was the first game system I had and the fact it was the most challenging compared to everything I was collecting. Im not proud my rooms got that bad with games and that most of everything never got touched while in my collection but the good that came from realizing how bad it was, was in fact selling it off to people who would enjoy and use the stuff.

Now im back to just collecting one system and sticking to that.  Everything I do is 110% or not at all. and when you try to tackle video game collecting as a whole at 110% well yeah hoarding can and most likely will come about.

I do believe in the 3 types of collecting

A) for the collection
B) something to play and enjoy
C) To resell for a profit

But yeah its a fine line till its crossed and then watch out.
@techwizard: It is good to Audit your collection.  I have actually never sold off any of my games for the most part.  I have duplicates of alot of games and I am actually selling some duplicates for the N64 tommorow for the first time just because i am going to use the money right back into the N64 collection.  It actually bothers me a little bit to sell them off Sad 

@A8scooter:  I could never get to point of where I am at and decide to sell it all off.  I have a little over 2000 games now if you include duplicates and I love the way it looks.  I honestly have alot of stuff in my apartment and I need to start selling some stuff but I am also one of the most organized people I know and they way I have my stuff displayed is awesome.  I do have the room to display it but I could see if I was in a smaller room it could defiantly start looking like clutter then it would bother me.  But the way it is now is awesome.  Smiley
@tadpole13: you should check my n64 collection list and see if anything you're selling will fill some holes in my collection Wink. unless it's all just loose stuff, then i'd have to check if i needed replacements for condition.

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