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Posted on Apr 7th 2013 at 04:28:28 PM by (Tadpole13)
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So as of Feb 22nd I posted a article talking about going for a complete N64 collection Boxed.  I have been stalking ebay daily since then checking out what I can get my hands on.  I actually feel as if it is a part time job with the amount of time I have spent on there looking.  I have been really picky with box condition as well which has also cost me more money then what I would want to pay on alot of these games but I am enjoying every minute of watching as my collection grows.

So during the time of that blog I only owned 12 boxed N64 games and I had about 25 on order.
photo N64BoxedGames.jpg

Well since then I have came a long ways in a sense.
photo 2013-04-07204549.jpg

I now have 77 boxed Games total on hand not including duplicates and I have 21 more on order. 

My camera sucks so I included some additional photos that can hopefully help you guys see the titles better.
photo 2013-04-07204810.jpg

photo 2013-04-07204837.jpg

I went into this collection with the mindset that only a few titles are extremely expensive as in Clayfighter 63 1/3 sculptors cut but I have learned that there are handful of titles that are going to eat away at my funds.  Two of the more pricy titles out there I do own now. 

Super bowling cost me $237.50 and I already owned Clayfighter 63 1/3 sculptors cut but to get the box it ran me $500 dollars.  I have seen some better condition boxes going for around $400 now so hopefully it stays lower for the people who still need to get it and if anyone has the manual for it I would love to buy it off you.  It still hurts not having it complete.

But moving on as you can see in the photo the games are in protective sleeves.  They are pretty pricy as well but are defiantly worth it if you can afford it.  I picked up some from multiple users on ebay and realized some come in different sizes which pretty much made some of the ones I own a waste do to my OCD.  I would highly recommend purchasing them thru the Ebay user dgodkin.  His cases fit the boxes perfect and he is really easy to work with.  He also carries sleeves for the Nes, and Gameboy which fit nicely as well.
photo 2013-04-07204650.jpg

Well to finish this blog off,  I just order 2 additional shelf's on top of the two i own displayed below so once I have them I will be able to display all my games and by the time I get a complete N64 collection It will take a shelf in a half of space up.  If anyone has any questions or has any boxed n64 games up for sale or trade, let me know.

photo 2013-04-07204519.jpg

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