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Posted on Aug 26th 2012 at 08:34:46 AM by (Tadpole13)
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When does collecting become hording?

I hate using the word Collecting and Hording in the same sentence it is almost a slap in the face to collectors.

When out on the hunt most collectors including my self will buy a game they already own if the value is there and the price is right.  I currently have well over a 100 duplicates when it comes to games and I hate the idea of getting rid of any of them.  When you can't seem to part with games you have multiples of is that a branch of hording???

I think I would be willing to part with duplicates if it was a even trade for another game of equal value but for me to sell a game it does not happen.  More or less money comes and goes and I hate the idea of selling a game and then using the money for dinner or gas or something.  Now you are down a game and you are without that money.  I just find it better to hold onto it so I don't regret my decisions later.

So Question's of the Day.....
1. When do you feel like it is hording if you feel that way.
2. Do you feel regret when parting with Video Games and Video Game related stuff.
3. Have any of you thought of selling of your collection to moments later realizing that it could cause severe regret or depression.
4. Have any of you went through with selling off your collection or a part of it to immediately buy stuff in it's place because of remorse?

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