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Posted on Aug 3rd 2007 at 10:17:22 PM by (Mike Leon)
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There's quite a stir this week for drooling Blizzard fan boys the world over. Early in the week, German geeks uncovered what appears to be a FAQ written by Blizzard for the next World of Warcraft expansion, which will be titled Wrath of the Lich King. It will introduce Death Knights, a hero class which is more powerful than the regular classes, but needs to be unlocked first to be playable. It's a class that revolves around slaughtering the innocent in the name of evil. Bring on the fap. I'm ready.

Is it true? Yup. It was all made official at Blizzcon this afternoon and the web address now leads to this nifty little block of commercial glurge.


At least Blizzard comes out and confirms info after it gets leaked, rather deny it until the boxes are on store shelves (ehem, Sony). Now if they could just balance out the damn game as it is...

In other news, Guitar Hero 3 is shaping up. That looks to be of some serious quality. The song list includes songs by Slayer and Dragonforce. If only they would drop that agreement with Gibson, maker of the world's blandest looking guitars. Break out the B.C. Rich action.

Microsoft is STILL denying the 360 price drop, even though all of the major retailers already show it in their ads. Wow. Wait, didn't someone say this would happen last week? Oh, right. That was me. I'm infallible like the Pope, but better. I don't wear that gay hat, or lead an international conspiracy to molest young boys.

If you're into comic books, Wolverine finally killed Sabertooth in Wolverine, vol. 2, #55. No one seems to care. I can understand. It'll just turn out it was really a clone, or a skrull, or something. Or maybe the real Sabertooth will be regenerated by Apocalypse or Mr. Sinister. One way or another, it's comic book continuity. No one ever stays dead.

I'm talking about what happened in comic books. This is sad.

Eh, at least I'm not fat.

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