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Posted on Dec 2nd 2011 at 07:43:47 AM by (theGrue)
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Hey everybody!

The RF Generation app is now officially on the Android Market!

New features since the beta I posted include searching, an image viewer, and numerous bugfixes. If you installed the old beta, please uninstall it first, or you may experience issues installing the new version from the market. Updates will be smooth after that.

I thought about putting out another beta, but why keep making everyone come back and check my blog for updates when your phone could just notify you when a new version is out? And since I'm just a development team of one, it's really a perpetual beta anyway. I'll do my best to fix any issues reported in the forum thread and get updates pushed out on the market quickly.

Now that it's up... I'm going to pretty much start over. This was my first app and the code is a mess. I already wrote a second app that went much smoother and quicker, so I'll be able to apply everything I've learned to RFG App 2.0 to make it even better than this one.

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome. Enjoy!

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